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Examples of "teacups"
1988 - Monsieur Cannibale (teacups ride, Henny Knoet)
Sells Twinings tea, teacups, teapots, and British confectionary
Most products are teacups, teapots, flower vases, and "sake" vessels.
Teapots, teacups, tea spoons, tea strainers, draining trays, tea caddies...
Most of his works involve tea kettles, teacups, teapots and tea bowls.
Vodník tells a story in four parts of a mischievous water goblin who traps drowning souls in upturned teacups.
When Tidal Wave opened, it was the only ride in Amity and remained this way until 2004. In anticipation for Stealth, the Amity area was extended towards the Teacups (a traditional fairground 'teacups' ride). The Teacups were re-themed, with cracks painted onto the cups and the ride was renamed "Storm In A Teacup". Stealth was the signature attraction in Thorpe Park when it opened and when the Flying Fish was relocated in 2007 it was also fitted to the Amity theme. In 2008, Time Voyagers, a new 4D film opened, extending Amity towards a fish and chip restaurant. In 2011, Storm Surge, a spinning rapids ride opened opposite Tidal Wave.
While in theory, most cups are well suited to hold drinkable liquids, hot drinks like tea are generally served in either insulated cups or porcelain teacups.
The short-lived Internet meme "baby mugging" used forced perspective to make babies look like they were inside items like mugs and teacups.
She was credited with starting the custom of putting milk into tea in her salon, allegedly to prevent her eggshell teacups from cracking.
In addition, she is a candle maker and instructor, who uses vintage teacups and environmentally friendly materials. She is an animal-rights supporter.
Culligan has a degree in theology and philosophy from the University of Dayton at Dayton, Ohio. In September 2002 he self-published his book "Teacups & Sticky Buns".
"The fragile teacups, the brittle relics, the frail upholstery and shattery glass: this was a world of little things and little ways, their delicacy presupposing their protection." (p304)
Like Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Disneyland and its Hong Kong counterpart have a replica of one of the teacups located outside of the attraction to be used by guests for better photo opportunities.
The best teacups are the ones made from metal or silver, which are used only for guests and on festival days. The silver smiths from Derge are known for their exquisite productions of tea sets.
A "belly down" roller coaster, imported from Italy, opened in 2010. As of 2013, the rides on offer also included bumper cars, teacups, a swing ride and a double shot-like vertical drop.
While the cat is gone, he frees the mice from teacups where Simpkin has imprisoned them. When Simpkin returns and finds his mice gone, he hides the twist in anger.
The server provides two teacups for each diner: the bigger one for tea making, and the smaller one for drinking. Patrons need to steep tea in the larger cup and pour it into to the smaller one.
Pim comes from a poor family. They lived in a house close to a dumpster and he is a great detective. he uses garbage for his research. He uses cokebottles as binoculars, and teacups on planks as a scale.
Tea and coffee tend to involve strong social rituals and so teacups and, coffee cups (including demitasse cups) have a shape that depends on the culture and the social situation in which the drink is taken.