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Examples of "teatrale"
"Strenna Teatrale Europea" (Milan, 1838–1848), "FT"
Manuscript is in Museo Teatrale alla Scala, Milano
Source: "Archivio Petrolini" at the "Biblioteca e Museo teatrale del Burcardo", Rome.
Francesco Cavalli wrote Hipermestra, first performed at Florence on 12 June 1658, as a festa teatrale opera.
Larger works, with more charterers, festive choruses, and often involving historical or mythological characters, were called a "festa teatrale".
Invited theatres: Improklub (Slovenia), Isar148 (Germany), Unexpected Productions (USA), Improvvisatione Teatrale Italiana (Italy), Theater im Bahnhof (Austria)
In 1946, to honour his father Francesco, Ettore Campogalliani founded the "Accademia Teatrale Francesco Campogalliani", a theatre and drama academy.
Although he wrote 41 'serious' drammi per musica (opera seria), he also composed 16 opéras comiques and 14 opere buffe, as well as one each of works designated as azione scenica, azione teatrale, drame héroïque, drame lyrique, festa teatrale, and opera giocosa.
Compositions made for Hellman include three by Caldara, eight by Johann Georg Reutter and an aria by Johann Joseph Fux in the Festa teatrale "Giunone placata" (1725).
Also in 2007 they were featured as comic characters in the story ""Zio Paperone e il rapimento teatrale"" (trad. "Uncle Scrooge and the theatrical kidnapping"), published in the number 2678 of "Topolino".
Finally, some comic and satirical theater companies are active in the city, the most well known being the "Compagnia Teatrale Lapola", which offers an urban version of the traditional campidanese comic theater.
By 1925 the need for repairs had grown acute and the surviving heirs of the original construction, the Società Teatrale, were unable to continue to support the theatre, which in March 1929 was acquired by the city.
Vincenzo Mazza (c 1748–1790) was an Italian painter and scenic designer for theaters, mainly in his native Bologna. In 1788, he served as principe of Accademia Clementina. He served as architetto teatrale for the Teatro Pubblico of Bologna.
The "Centro Universitario Teatrale" (CUT), University Theatre Centre, is currently directed by Professor and collaborates actively with groups of university students who have been involved in theatre productions for several years.
The "festa teatrale" was always a fairly minor genre, born of courtly entertainments and the celebration of royalty — hence the abbreviated length of most "festi teatrale", and the focus on drama, spectacle and chorus, as opposed to elaborate music. The poet and librettist Metastasio applied the term to 9 of his libretti. All but one of these were first performed for the court at Vienna. The last of these was Johann Adolph Hasse's "Partenope", performed during 1767. Christoph Willibald Gluck's "Orfeo ed Euridice", the first of his "reform operas" (also first seen at Vienna), is also often considered part of the genre of "festa teatrale". Handel's Parnasso in Festa, presented in London in 1734 as part of the celebrations for the wedding of Anne, Princess Royal, is another example of the genre. The genre does not seem to have survived after Metastasio, though it had been in existence for over a century — Francesco Cavalli wrote "feste teatrali", among many other early composers.
The term festa teatrale (Italian: , plural: "feste teatrali" ) refers to a genre of drama, and of opera in particular. The genre cannot be rigidly defined, and in any case "feste teatrali" tend to be split into two different sets: "feste teatrali" divided by acts are operas, while works in this genre performed without division, or merely cut into two parts, are serenatas. A "festa teatrale" is a dramatic work, performed on stage (unlike many serenatas, which are labelled "drammatico" but were not performed in dramatic contexts).
In the period between 1950 and 1994 a total of 574 students have graduated from the Academy's departments. The Academy is also member of various international associations such as CILECT ("Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision"), IIRT ("Instituto Internationale per la Ricerca Teatrale"), IFIRT (International Federation for Theatre Research) and ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts).
He lives and works in Rome. In 1987, he attended the "Bottega Teatrale di Firenze" (Florentine Theatre School) directed by Vittorio Gassman. In 1993, he was awarded a degree in Drama and Performing Arts at the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art, the most important Italian performing arts institute for theatre directors and actors.
Parts of the 1994 biopic "Farinelli" were filmed in the Opera House. The theatre was the site of the annual Bayreuther Osterfestival until 2009. Each September from the year 2000 to 2009, the theatre also hosted the Bayreuth Baroque festival, with performances of early operatic rarities. The 2009 festival included performances of Andrea Bernasconi's "festa teatrale", "L'Huomo", to a libretto by the Margravine Wilhelmine.
Later in the year, she starred as the protagonist in the acting and singing role of Zazà, in the Italian musical "La Storia di Zazà (The Story of Zaza)", a stage musical directed by Giancarlo Sepe and produced by the Comunità teatrale di Italia, premiering on 26 October 1993, at the Teatro Nuovo di Milano.