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Examples of "techint"
Under Gianfelice Rocca’s leadership the Techint Group has significantly expanded the operations of the companies that report to the Milan HQ (Techint E&C, Tenova and Humanitas).
The Techint Group consists of: Tenaris, Ternium, Techint Engineering & Construction, Tenova, Tecpetrol and Humanitas. In 2014 the Group had a workforce of 58,500 people and reported revenues of 25 billion dollars.
Humanitas Group is part of a larger company, Techint Group.
Since 2002, he is the CEO of Tenaris and Techint. In addition, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tamsa and of the Board of Directors of Ternium, and Director of the Techint Financial Corporation. Rocca led Techint in a series of acquisitions in Latin America and the world, which led to the development of operations in more than 20 countries.
Rocca joined the Techint Group in 1974. In 1980, at the age of 32, he was appointed head of corporate activities in Italy, Europe and Mexico. He has been chairman of the Techint Group since 1997.
Today, the Techint Group has a workforce of 51,200 permanent employees.
Techint is an Italian-Argentine conglomerate founded in Milan in 1945 by Italian industrialist Agostino Rocca and headquartered in Milan (Italy) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Today the Techint Group is composed of six main companies with an international reach, all global or regional leaders in their fields, in the following areas of business: engineering, construction, steel, mining, oil & gas, industrial plants, healthcare. Techint, with its subsidiaries, is the largest steel making company in Latin America. Techint is the world's largest manufacturer of seamless steel tubes, mainly used in the oil industry.
Founded in Milan, Rocca's fledgling company was renamed as Techint, its abbreviated telex code.
In 2016 the Techint Group entered the mining industry through the Tenova’s acquisition of several companies operating in this field.
Involved in Techint since its initial, 1945 establishment, Rocca served an engineer and in the company's technical department. He was named head of the technical department in 1959, and oversaw the company's expansion into the steel industry. He became General Manager of Techint at the end of 1969, and CEO upon his father's retirement in 1975.
Agostino Rocca died in 1978, leaving his elder son as Chairman and CEO. Techint was, by then, a conglomerate with 15,000 employees, two steel manufacturing facilities in Argentina and with international engineering and construction interests. Buffeted by problems in the Argentine economy during the 1980s, Techint expanded its Latin American activities.
Techint participated in the privatization drive adopted by President Carlos Menem in the early 1990s, purchasing a majority stake in Argentina's then-leading steel manufacturer, the state-owned , in 1992. Techint bids for two electric utilities serving the Buenos Aires area came in second, however.
Please note, the difference between MASINT & TECHINT is that TECHINT involves analysis of weapons systems in the custody of the organization which commissions such tests, while MASINT involves analysis, or remote sensing, of trace evidence left behind by the weapons systems ( unintended emissive byproducts, or "trails"—the spectral, chemical or RF emissions an object leaves behind which serve as distinctive signatures).
The family was shaken by the April 28, 2001, aviation death of Agostino Rocca, president of Techint and Roberto Rocca's successor. Agostino's younger brother, Paolo Rocca, was appointed to the post. Subsequently, Siderca was listed on the NYSE, and Techint's steel operations, the group's centerpiece, were reorganized as Tenaris in October 2002, basing the subsidiary in Luxembourg and converting Techint into a holding company.
On August 23, 2005, the Techint group bought 99.3% of Mexican Hylsamex for US $2.2 billion. In press release, Techint informed that the Mexican steel manufacturer, and its previous steel manufacturers Siderar (Argentina) and Sidor (Venezuela) would be under a new subsidiary called Ternium, headquartered in Luxembourg.
The Argentine section is operated by Transportadora de Gas de Mercosur. This is a joint venture of Techint, Total S.A., Petronas, Compañia General de Combustibles, and CMS Energy. The Brazilian section is operated by Transportadora Sul Brasileira de Gas, a joint venture of Gaspetro (subsidiary of Petrobras), Petroleo Ipiranga, Repsol YPF, and Techint.
Capture of enemy equipment for TECHINT analysis is a basic SR mission. Capture of enemy equipment for examination by TECHINT specialists may be a principal part of SR patrols and larger raids, such as the World War II Operation Biting raid on Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, France, to capture a German Würzburg radar. They also captured a German radar technician.
Detailed engineering is a service which is delivered for example by global engineering companies such as Outotec, Hatch, Amec Foster Wheeler, Ausenco, SNC-Lavalin, Techint.
FEPSA is owned by Techint, one of the largest companies in Argentina. FEPSA's operating fleet includes 52 diesel locomotives and 2,106 wagons.
There are important automotive assembly plants; Ford Motor Argentina and Volkswagen plus Kraft Foods located in the area. In addition the Techint Group has an industrial plant there.