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Examples of "teen_titans_spotlight"
Betty and the team show up in "Teen Titans Spotlight" #19.
Following Dove's death, Hawk and Dove would appear together in various flashbacks while Hawk would appear alone in occasional guest-appearances in the "Teen Titans" titles, including his own solo two-part story in "Teen Titans Spotlight" #7–8 (February and March 1987) by Mike Baron and Jackson Guice.
Spiegle later moved to DC Comics and worked on many of their features, such as "Batman", "Unknown Soldier", "Tomahawk", "Jonah Hex", and "Teen Titans Spotlight" until the early 1990s. His most notable work was the "Nemesis" backup series in "The Brave and the Bold" with writer Cary Burkett, and on "Blackhawk" with Mark Evanier. He and writer Bob Rozakis created the character Mister E in "Secrets of Haunted House" #31 (Dec. 1980).
Following "Crisis on Infinite Earths", Michaels made one appearance, battling Thunder and Lightning in "Teen Titans Spotlight". It is assumed his background has not changed, although instead of being diagnosed with a nervous disorder, it was said that his powers came because he sought immortality and presumably mutated himself. It is not known if he ever fought the Post-Crisis version of Superman before as his first (Post-Crisis) appearance was in "Captain Atom", yet his history with S.T.A.R. Labs and SKULL remained as established in "The DC Comics Encyclopedia".
With DC's Teen Titans comics rivaling Marvel's "X-Men" for popularity, another new title was launched, this time with the explicit purpose of highlighting individual Titans, rather than focusing on the team as a whole. With the stated remit (from the first comic) that, ""Teen Titans Spotlight On:" is a new concept in comics ... a book where we can put the spotlight on individual members of the Teen Titans, one at a time, and let each story dictate how many issues it should run." The series ran for 21 issues, departing slightly from its aim to highlight individuals, and culminating in a "Spotlight" on the 1960s Teen Titans team as a whole.
Guice continued penciling "Micronauts" until #58 (May 1984). In July 1983, "The Butch Guice Portfolio" appeared in the pages of "Marvel Fanfare" #9, and Guice contributed to "The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe", Chris Claremont and Bill Mantlo's "X-Men and the Micronauts" four-issue miniseries as well as occasional issues of a number of different titles. In 1984, he drew the Marvel Comics adaptation of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and inked "Dazzler". In 1986, he penciled "X-Factor", while concurrently contributing pencils to "The New Mutants". In mid-1987, he was credited with inks to ""Brian" Guice" 's pencils for five issues of Adventure Publications' "Adventurers", which was written and edited by Scott Behnke. That same year, Guice collaborated on several different titles with writer Mike Baron, including issues of First Comics' "Badger", "Nexus" and "The Chronicles of Corum". Guice worked with Baron on projects for DC Comics. He penciled "Teen Titans Spotlight" #7 and #8, before gaining more popularity among DC readers with his work on the relaunched, post-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" "The Flash" #1. This third "Flash" series featured Wally West after the demise of Barry Allen in the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" series. Guice drew ten of the first eleven issues.