Synonyms for tegenu or Related words with tegenu

feyissa              dereje              kibret              debebe              dejene              demisse              debele              melkessa              ayele              tibebu              gashaw              eshetu              fikadu              amanuel              gonfa              mesfen              tesfay              bedile              getahun              hunegnaw              worku              bezabeh              gebreyohannes              mekonnen              dinkessa              gebremedhin              kifle              angaso              birhanu              tesfayohannes              natnael              asmerom              tewelde              tafese              kiptum              dinkesa              tadelle              mezegebu              demssew              nigusse              tesgie              legesse              alemu              yemane              tadesse              gebrmichael              tsega              fesseha              berhane              silasse             

Examples of "tegenu"
Alemayehu Tegenu is the Ethiopian Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy.
Formally the MWE's mandate covers only water resources management and it has no legal mandate concerning drinking water supply. Nevertheless, it is de facto the entity in charge of setting policies for water supply and to channel donor funds in the sector to local government entities. As of 2009, what was then the Ministry of Water Resources had 737 employees in eight departments and 10 "services". One of the eight departments is the Water Supply and Sewerage Department. As of 2011 Alamayehu Tegenu is the Minister of Water and Energy.