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Examples of "telecourses"
Instructional television makes up a significant portion of the daily KUEN broadcast schedule, including learning programs aimed at K-12 students, college distance education telecourses and teacher development programs. On weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., KUEN broadcasts programming from Utah Instructional Television (ITV). Overnight programming features telecourses from Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University, and the University of Utah.
Canal Educativo's programming includes telecourses, documentaries, historical programs, and arts programming including opera, ballet and musical performances.
WEFS TV is a non-commercial educational television station operated by EFSC. WEFS TV broadcasts educational, cultural, and informational materials and telecourses of special interest.
American English-teaching telecourses were part of the list of programs. One of them was "Crossroads Cafe", which combined comedy, drama, and English skills training.
CSI used KBGH solely as a means of delivering telecourses to students. When the station was not broadcasting a telecourse, it had no programming at all—only a blank picture is transmitted .
CUNY also has a broadcast TV service, CUNY TV (channel 75 on Time Warner cable, digital HD broadcast channel 25.3), which airs telecourses, classic and foreign films, magazine shows and panel discussions in foreign languages.
Programming on Michigan Channel includes telecourses and lectures aimed at U of M students, plus programming about Michigan government, as well as Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) "PBS NewsHour" and Charlie Rose, news from BBC World, and Deutsche Welle's "European Journal".
Zimbardo is the co-author of an introductory Psychology textbook entitled "Psychology and Life", which is used in many American undergraduate psychology courses. He also hosted a PBS TV series titled "Discovering Psychology" which is used in many college telecourses.
Finally, the City University of New York's cable channel provides on air telecourses in psychology, physics, geography, history as well as vast array of cultural programing on CUNY TV, while New York University (NYU) has its NYUTV.
W40CN-D is a low-power Class A television station in Sugar Grove, Illinois, United States, owned by Waubonsee Community College, a community college serving the Aurora area. Programming includes distance education telecourses from the college.
KCSM-TV operates 24-hours a day with a focus toward adult education. On weekdays, it offers college-level distance learning telecourses and in primetime and on weekends, KCSM provides locally produced shows and a wide array of syndicated programming.
Telecourses were first offered by SFCC in 1992. In 1993, the Public Service Academy (PSA) was opened. This unit provides training and education in criminal justice, emergency medical services, and law endorcement.
In addition to PBS programs, KOCE also features programming focused on the communities of Orange County, such as the nightly newscast, "Real Orange". It also broadcasts several college telecourses by the Coast Community College District, which was the station's original owner.
XHFN signed on in February 1974 on channel 8, under the auspices of CEMPAE (Centro para el Estudio de Medios y Procedimientos Avanzados de la Educación, or "Center for the Study of Advanced Media and Education Processes"). It primarily broadcast educational programs and telecourses.
KET is the commonwealth's public television network, and is the largest PBS network in the nation. KET took the air in 1968 after a generous gift from Ashland Oil founder Paul G. Blazer. In addition to the PBS schedule, KET now airs programming aimed at local audiences and educational series used by some colleges in Kentucky as telecourses.
The station's programming schedule consists of cultural and educational programs, along with in-house documentaries, general interest and children's programming, college telecourses and interactive courses (part of RSU's distance learning programs), and overnight programming from Classic Arts Showcase. It also shows some programming from First Nations Experience (FNX), the US' first Native American television network.
Prior to the establishment of Canal Educativo, there was no designated home for educational programming among Cuba's national television portfolio. The establishment of this network enabled the delivery of telecourses and the use of school hours to broadcast content. Canal Educativo covers 87.9% of the Cuban population.
Today, approximately 18,000 students enroll in Parkland College credit and noncredit courses annually. More than 100 degree and certificate programs of study are available, leading students to career and job placement or to educational transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Students also take advantage of Parkland's distance education in the form of online courses and interactive telecourses.
PBS YOU formerly included PBS Adult Learning Service (ALS) telecourses for college credit and foreign language instruction. PBS ALS has been decommissioned as of September 2005; the Annenberg/CPB Channel remains in place as a source of networked feeds of credit courses.
Each of these stations drew from Imevisión's programming but had many of their own local programs. XHFN, which in 1974 had taken to the air broadcasting secondary education telecourses, had a local newscast known as "Telenoticias". XHCH carried two local newscasts, one for the municipality and one with a regional aim. XEIMT was dedicated to movies and was known as "Cine Canal 22".