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She is coached by Drew Fucci and Kyle Tellez, son of Tom Tellez.
IX MARQUIS—Juan Evangelista de Silva Tellez Girón
Back in 1852, Josefa Tellez, owner of a small farm in the vicinity of the area where the town of San Lorenzo is located today, found a religious image of San Lorenzo. From that day the place was known as San Lorenzo de los Tellez in honor to Josefa Tellez.
The Tom Tellez Track at Carl Lewis International Complex, also known as simply Tom Tellez Track or Carl Lewis International Complex, is home to the Houston Cougars outdoor track & field teams. The facility is named after Tom Tellez and Carl Lewis, two of the most notable individuals to have been associated with the program.
The Tom Tellez Track at Carl Lewis International Complex at the University of Houston is named after Tellez. He was Inducted into the Texas Track and Field Coaches Hall of Fame, Class of 2011.
Micaela Ruiz Tellez died at 83 years of age in 1904.
Tellez is semi-retired from coaching but still holds clinics and consults with active coaches.
Tellez has played at festivals including Iceland Airwaves, , Hove and Bergen Fest and toured Japan in 2007 and 2009.
At 17 she married Humberto Tellez. The result of this union is her first daughter Ángela (Cali, 1980).
XHESOL began as XESOL-AM 1190, which was owned by Maximiliano García Tellez. It moved to FM in 2011.
Marla Christine Tellez (born April 16, 1976) is an American news anchor for KTTV-TV in Los Angeles, California.
On February 2, radio host Carmen Aristegui interviewed Diana Pando, an ex-friend of Dr. Luis Tellez who claimed and presented a revealing audio inbox cell phone recording left by mistake by Luis Tellez in his cellular phone where he clearly says to some friends with him: "Salinas se robó la mitad de la cuenta secreta" (Salinas stole half of the secret account) supposedly talking about a secret account in the Mexican federal budget which consisted in thousands of millions of pesos (about hundreds of millions of US dollars) creating a scandal and calls for Tellez' resignation.
Mireya Luis, Lilia Izquierdo, Josefina O’Farrill, Regla Bell, Tania Ortiz, Mercedes Calderón, Magalys Carvajal, Norka Latamblet, Imilsis Tellez.
Head Coach: Antonio Perdomo.
Tellez has also coached such world class track and field athletes as Leroy Burrell, Mike Marsh, Kirk Baptiste, Joe DeLoach, Carol Lewis, Willie Banks, Mike Tully, Michelle
His relatives Luis Polanco was mayor of Cotui in 1638 and Garcia Polanco was Vicar General in 1660 under Archbishop Francisco Pio Guadalupe Tellez.
When Ramón Ortíz was baptized his godparents were the governor of New Mexico at the time, Lieutenant Colonel don José Manrique, and the governor's wife, doña Inez Tellez.
Yaime Pérez Tellez (sometimes "Yaimí", born May 19, 1991) is a Cuban athlete. She competed for Cuba in discus at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
José Luis Tellez (born 27 April 1938) is a former Mexican cyclist. He competed at the 1960 Summer Olympics and the 1964 Summer Olympics.
Some famous dandies in later times were amongst other the Duke of Osuna, Mariano Tellez-Girón, artist Salvador Dalí and poet Luís Cernuda.
Tellez was born April 16, 1976 in San Francisco and raised in Sebastopol, California, she graduated cum laude at Sonoma State University.