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Examples of "tenfoot"
Tenfoot Bridge is a wooden footbridge across the River Thames in Oxfordshire, England. It is situated on the reach above Shifford Lock and was built in 1869. It connects Buckland on the south bank to Chimney on the north.
The cut is about a mile long, and halfway along is the Shifford Cut Footbridge. The cut rejoins the old course of the river and continues past Chimney. Further along the reach there is another wooden footbridge, Tenfoot Bridge and after that is Tadpole Bridge.
Local listings and what's-on guides include "Tenfoot City Magazine" and "Sandman Magazine" (combined into single volume covering all of England, print version then made defunct in favour of online site). The BBC has its "Yorkshire and Lincolnshire" regional headquarters at Queen's Gardens, from which the regional news programme "Look North" is broadcast.