Synonyms for teratospermia or Related words with teratospermia

oligospermia              asthenozoospermia              asthenospermia              oligozoospermia              azoospermia              subfertility              aspermia              feminization              teratozoospermia              asthenozoospermic              hypospermatogenesis              azoospermic              stillbirths              prepubertal              hyperandrogenemia              oligomenorrhea              hypothyroid              andropause              hypoestrogenism              defeminisation              postandropausal              gynecomastia              infertile              hypogonadotropic              masculinization              anovulatory              pcos              stillbirth              oligoovulation              prenatally              nonpregnant              hyperthyroid              fsad              virilization              oligozoospermic              hypogonadism              infertility              nonobstructive              multiparous              impotence              varicocele              kleinefelter              hypogonadotrophic              hsdd              hypergonadotropic              galactorrhea              postpubertal              anorgasmia              orgasmic              nulliparous             

Examples of "teratospermia"
Teratospermia or teratozoospermia is a condition characterized by the presence of sperm with abnormal morphology that affects fertility in males.
The function of CCDC135 is not yet well understood but it is thought to be involved in teratospermia.
Based on the human tissue Gene Expression Omnibus profile, C7orf67 shows a marked increase in expression in the teratospermia disease state.