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cappedalkoxylated              differentiateor              pendently              termini              alkyne              silylated              pendent              carboxy              polyamine              amidated              pendant              carboxyl              monofunctional              polysiloxane              crosslinkable              aminated              etherified              esterified              polyorganosiloxane              grafted              difunctional              alkene              functionalised              soorx              hydroxyalkyl              syngeneic              maleimide              allogeneic              macromer              hydroxylated              thiol              polyoxyalkylene              hydrolyzable              covalently              polyethers              carboxylated              hydroxy              phosphonate              thioesterified              oxidatively              nucleoside              alkynes              oligomer              acylated              hydroxyls              aldehyde              autologous              hydrolysable              metabolically              ethylenic             

Examples of "terminally"
The female inflorescences are borne terminally (2).
2. TH Supports assisted suicide for terminally ill minors
From least- to terminally-differentiated, the chondrocytic lineage is:
His sister Madeleine, terminally ill with tuberculosis, moved to Cairo, where she died on November 19.
1. THW not use medically scarce resources on terminally ill patients
The specific name is derived from Latin "truncatulus" and refers to the valva which truncates terminally.
In March 2016, Begum revealed her coach, Bill Judd, is terminally ill with cancer.
She regards the practice a threat to the elderly, disabled and terminally ill:
sinuous, excurved round the cell; hindwing luteous with a yellow tinge, darker terminally.
shadows." His description of a wet October day shows the skill of the terminally-ill poet:
In 2016, UBank launched a controversial advertising campaign using terminally ill people which garnered many complaints.
James Calder-Hale (the museum curator, who is terminally ill with cancer)
Ruhlmann on Allmusic called it "a rollicking pop/rock song about being almost terminally burnt out."
In 2006, she created her "Believe Foundation" to help terminally ill children.
The Greens are in support of voluntary euthanasia for those who are terminally ill.
While lysosomal proteases terminally degrade proteins in lysosomes, cathepsin S has own distinctive physiological role.
After fourteen years Camiel and Simon meet again. Simon is now terminally ill with cancer.
Assisi Hospice is a hospice in Singapore which provides palliative care to terminally ill patients.
Vegetative "G. thermoglucosidasius" sporulates, producing one endospore per cell located terminally or subterminally in slightly swollen or non-swollen sporangia.