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Examples of "terracciano"
The last company to be called the Philadelphia Grand Opera Company was formed in November 1954 when the Philadelphia Civic Grand Opera and the Philadelphia La Scala Opera Company merged. Anthony Terracciano served as the company's first General Director in its first season but was then succeeded by General Manager Humbert A. Pelosi who was appointed that position at the end of the 1955–1956 season. Terracciano remained with the company as an Artistic Director through the Spring of 1972. Pelosi left in March 1956 after a feud with Terracciano. He was replaced by conductor Giuseppe Bamboschek who had been working for the company since it began. Bamboschek remained the company's director until 1961 when Terracciano was again made General Manager by longtime friend and musical colleague, Max M. Leon, who was then the opera company's president. This time Terracciano stayed on until 1972.
Pietro Terracciano (born 8 March 1990) is an Italian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Serie B club Salernitana.
Developmentally Appropriate Musical Practice (DAMP) was coined in 2011 by music education researcher Dr. Guerino Terracciano while conducting a study for the effect of a hands-on music education in-service program on early childhood educators’ attitude, knowledge, and self-efficacy for providing DAMP in the learning environment with young children. Terracciano states the following:
9.McCrae, R. R., Terracciano, A., Costa, P. T., & Ozer, D. J. (2006). Person-factors in the California adult Q-set: Closing the door on personality types? European Journal of Personality, 20, 29-44.
The Italian ambassador to the United Kingdom is Pasquale Q. Terracciano who took up his post in May 2013 and the British ambassador to Italy is Christopher Prentice who took up his post in January 2011.
In 1955 the PCGOC merged with their rival, the Philadelphia La Scala Opera Company, to form the Philadelphia Grand Opera Company (PGOC) under General Director Anthony Terracciano. Bamboschek continued on with the PGOC as one of their primary conductors.
Bets and Wedding Dresses () is a 2009 Italian drama film written and directed by Vincenzo Terracciano. It was screened out of competition at the 66th Venice International Film Festival.
On 23 July 2013, Terracciano signed for Avellino on a season-long loan deal with an option to purchase the player outright following the 2013–14 Serie B season. After having played for Catania again in the 2014–15 Serie B, he moved to Salernitana on a two-year loan until 2017.
McCrae, Terracciano et al. (2005) further reported data from 51 cultures. Their findings were consistent with idea of the rough equivalence of NEO PI-R five factors and facets across cultures. They suggested that aggregate personality profiles provide insight into cultural differences.
From 1944 to 1945, Italian personnel operated from the Baltic area and in the northern part of the Eastern Front under the direct command of the Luftwaffe under the name Air Transport Group 1 (Italian: "1° Gruppo Aerotrasporti "Terracciano" ", German: "1° Staffel Transportfliegergruppe 10 (Ital)"). This group was part of the National Republican Air Force of the Italian Social Republic.
It was first published and described by Nicola Terracciano (1837–1921) as "Iris germanica" var. suaveolens" in 'Atti dell' Accademia delle Scienze Fisiche e' Matematiche (Atti Accad. Sci. Fis.) series 4, (Appendix 2) on page 7 in 1890, as a variety of "Iris germanica".
The Transport Group "Terracciano", commanded by "Maggiore" Egidio Pellizzari, was formed in Bergamo and transferred to Goslar, in Lower Saxony, Germany, in January 1944. Here 44 SM.81s were waiting for Italian pilots. The aircraft, in bad condition, were restored to an operational state by their future crews. Administratively the Italians were subordinated to the ANR but operationally to the Luftwaffe under the German designation of "Transport Gruppe Italien 10".
On 8 April, the first squadron equipped with 12 SM.81s, was deployed to Šiauliai in Lithuania, followed by the Savoia-Marchetti from the 2nd and 3rd squadrons. The "Terracciano" operated over the Baltic States, Russia and Finland, evacuating wounded soldiers and carrying fresh troops to the front. On 16 June 19 SM.81s landed in Immola, Finland, bringing from Estonia the technical personnel of the German combat task force "Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey" sent to strengthen the fighter force in Finland.
Strakosha made his league debut for Salernitana on 6 September in the opening 2015–16 Serie B match against Avellino where he managed to play the full 90-minutes match and his side won 3–1. He was an unused substitute in the next Coppa Italia game on 1 December 2015 against Spezia as the coach Vincenzo Torrente gave the starting place to Pietro Terracciano; Salernitana eliminated from Coppa Italia losing the single-leg match 2–0.
In the companies last three years the opera board's long-term president, Max Leon, served as the company's manager after the departure of Terracciano. Experiencing some financial difficulties, the company began talks with the Philadelphia Lyric Opera Company about a possible merger in 1974. An agreement was reached and the two companies merged to form the Opera Company of Philadelphia in 1975 with Leon serving as General Director.
Raymond J. Quinlan is chairman of the Board of Directors. He joined the board in 2014 replacing previous chairman Anthony P. Terracciano—formerly president of First Union Corporation (now Wachovia). Quinlan is also the chief executive office of Sallie Mae. He took over as CEO when the company announced its strategic separation in May 2014. Albert Lord held the positions of vice chairman and CEO until his retirement 2013. Lord joined Sallie Mae in 1981, took over as CEO in 1995, and led the company's privatization. On May 29, 2013, the board announced Jack Remondi as Lord's successor.
Empirical social science research shows that stereotypes are often accurate. Jussim et al. reviewed four studies concerning racial and seven studies that examined gender stereotypes about demographic characteristics, academic achievement, personality and behavior. Based on that, the authors argued that some aspects of ethnic and gender stereotypes are accurate while stereotypes concerning political affiliation and nationality are much less accurate. A study by Terracciano et al. also found that stereotypic beliefs about nationality do not reflect the actual personality traits of people from different cultures.
On 30 June 2011, Catania confirmed the outright signing of Terracciano on a permanent basis from newly promoted Serie B side Nocerina. The player began the season as the fourth choice goalkeeper at the Sicilian club, behind Argentine international, Mariano Andújar, Italian veteran Andrea Campagnolo, and former Slovakian U-21 international, Tomáš Košický, and remained fourth choice following the new arrival of Juan Pablo Carrizo and the departure of Andújar. On 21 April 2012, because of the expulsion of Carrizo in the last match, he made his Serie A debut with the club. He remained third choice during the 2012–13 Serie A campaign, behind Andújar and Alberto Frison.
During the 1990s, Watermans was known for focusing on South Asian arts. Doctor Alda Terracciano argued that "the last decade has witnessed the rapidly increasing achievements of a number of British Asian playwrights, directors and actors – a trend fostered by the support of venues such as the Watermans Arts Centre," noting that the comedy circuit benefited from Watermans' support through the regular 'One Nation Under a Groove...Innit' event which "offered the opportunity to a number of emerging Asian comedians to exercise their skills before being cast in proper comedy dramas." Actor Sanjeev Bhaskar's musical comedy double act "The Secret Indians (non-Asian)" performed extensively at Watermans.
Catania began this season's transfer activity by signing Federico Moretti from Ascoli on 20 June 2011. Other signings include Pietro Terracciano from Nocerina, Keko from Atlético Madrid, David Suazo from Internazionale, and Gonzalo Bergessio from Saint-Étienne. On 4 August, Mario Paglialunga transferred from Rosario Central as well as Davide Lanzafame from Palermo on 7 August. Nicola Legrottaglie transferred from Milan on a free transfer. Other transfers include Sergio Almirón from Juventus. During the winter transfer window, Catania loaned Marco Motta from Juventus, Juan Pablo Carrizo from Lazio, Osarimen Ebagua from Torino, and Felipe Seymour from Genoa.