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Examples of "territorials"
This changed during the 1966 election, when the Territorials lost all twenty-one seats to the Democrats. The Territorials' demise came after they blocked a popular urban renewal plan, which was supported by the Democrats, as the Territorials backed private investment. The Territorial Party dissolved soon after.
The Defence Act 1886 reclassified the militia as volunteers. These were the forerunners of the Territorials.
Bayly was an officer in the New Zealand Army Territorials and also served in the British Parachute Regiment.
This company was formed from 3rd Line Territorials and was largely recruited from Tonbridge and the surrounding villages.
There are many photographs and documents relating to the battalion at Derbyshire Territorials in the Great War.
As part of the legislation, the territorials were only liable to serve within the United Kingdom. Haldane envisioned that the territorials would take over the defense of the country against what was perceived as a very real threat of invasion, which would allow the regular army to be deployed aboard. In addition, Haldane saw the territorials as a source of reinforcements for the regular army. Six months following mobilization, during which time the troops would have come up to an acceptable training standard, Haldane was confident that up to a quarter of the men would opt to go and fight abroad.
This was an inferior force consisting largely of Territorials and Yeomanry with elements of Royal Scots Greys, 19th. Royal Hussars and Household Regiment.
He held a commission in the Royal Army Medical Corps (Territorials) from 1900 and served at home and in Egypt in World War I.
On October 9, the commander Felix de Pardieu and his territorials were ordered to retreat in the region of Neuve-Chapelle, leaving Lille without defender.
TAVR I and II units were known as "Volunteers", and those in TAVR III as "Territorials". These terms were often incorporated into the unit titles.
Previously, 51 (Scottish) Brigade had a total manpower strength of over 2600 ranks, accounting for the majority of the 3100 Territorials based in Scotland. Over 700 Territorials from the Brigade served in either Operation Telic in Iraq or Operation Herrick in Afghanistan since the beginning of the decade - including two formed units – 7 SCOTS' "Alamein Company" in Iraq; and 6 SCOTS' "Bremen Platoon" in Afghanistan.
When the TA was reorganised into the Territorial & Army Volunteer Reserve (T&AVR) in April 1967, the Northamptonshire Yeomanry formed a successor unit as "A" (Northants Yeo) Company, The Northamptonshire Regiment Territorials. It continued the traditions of the old Regiment until 1969, when the Northants Territorials was reduced to a Cadre, effectively ending the history of the Yeomanry. In 1971, the cadre was reconstituted as part of the Royal Anglian Regiment.
On 20 February, companies of the 1st/4th Battalion, King's Shropshire Light Infantry (Territorials) arrived from Rangoon to relieve the sailors and the marines. They succeeded in quickly rounding up the last of the mutineers.
During World War I he served with 8th Essex Territorials, then as a staff captain at the War Office, and was later appointed Controller of Supplies under the Ministry of National Service.
Already a member of the Territorials, in 1914 he became a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers, seeing service in France and Palestine until demobilised in Egypt in 1919.
His nickname, "Bloody Orange" is rhyming slang. It was said to be appropriate for the commander of a division of London Territorials and also fitted his rude and unpleasant personality.
On mobilisation in 1914, the Territorials of the Wessex Division were sent to India to relieve British and Indian Regular troops for the Western Front. The artillery left behind their horses and their ammunition column, which were needed in France.
The Norwegian army withdrew the MP 38 in 1975, MP 40 was used for some years more, the territorials (Heimevernet) used it until about 1990, when it was replaced by Heckler & Koch MP5.
The Mons OCS was closed in 1972, and its responsibilities transferred to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which was re-organised as an academy for student officers and officer cadets, including regulars, short servicemen, and Territorials.
Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Cecil Bethune, (23 June 1855 – 2 November 1930) was a British soldier who raised and led his own regiment, Bethune's Mounted Infantry, in the Second Boer War and directed the Territorials in the First World War.