Synonyms for terryman or Related words with terryman

ramenman              gaara              kinnikuman              benkei              sasori              retsu              jotaro              hotsuma              kensei              abaranger              jonouchi              deidara              saizou              ryuga              ryoga              ryomou              daishogun              shiryu              itachi              devilman              kisuke              dororo              carranger              kurotsuchi              kabuto              gennosuke              gaira              choujin              gotenks              seijin              asuma              koyomi              tendou              majin              kintaro              dhalsim              daigoro              ohranger              gouki              yaiba              ukitake              hiruko              magiranger              tokisada              makie              ginji              guilmon              kakashi              konoha              fuyuki             

Examples of "terryman"
They next meet the ninjutsu Choujin Ukon and his minions. After a comical scene where Kinnikuman mishears Ukon's name as , Ramenman and Brocken Jr. volunteer to take them on while the others continue on the journey. As they continue, Robin Mask and Warsman volunteer to take on AmeRug Boss and his minons so Kinnikuman and Terryman can continue. However, Warsman meets up with them again and tells of how Robin threw himself and several of the enemies into an erupting volcano. Warsman then ends up taking on another group of enemies by himself, urging Kinnikuman and Terryman to continue.
Kinnikuman and Terryman finally find Mari but are immediately challenged by Octopus Dragon to a tag match against himself and Mouko-seijin. Broadcast all over the universe, the fight takes place in a ring with electric ropes. The ropes are powered by a machine that Octopus Dragon's minion Gammalar turns off whenever his boss needs to use the ropes. After a fierce struggle, Terryman defeats Mouko-seijin with his trademark Calf Branding but is shot by Gammalar before he can help Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman remembers the sacrifices his friends have made for him and evokes the Kajiba no Kuso Djikara. He then defeats Octopus Dragon with the Fuu Rin Ka Zan followed by the Kinniku Buster.
The story involves Kinnikuman (real name Suguru Kinniku), a clumsy, foolish superhero who discovers that he is the missing prince of the planet Kinniku (known for producing the greatest superheroes in the universe). Since he is a clumsy fool, however, he must prove himself worthy of the throne. To do so he enters wrestling competitions and battles evil Chojin, culminating in a tournament between Kinnikuman and five pretenders to the throne: Kinnikuman Big Body, Soldier, Zebra, Mariposa and Super Phoenix. Many of Kinnikuman's allies begin as villains (Ramenman, Buffalo Man, Ashuraman and Warsman) or arrogant heroes (Terryman, Robin Mask and Rikishiman). The heroes and villains are collectively known as , which literally means "supermen".
As Kinnikuman's fight continues, Great Ukon arrives with his minions to help Shishkeba Boo. However, Shishkeba Boo is outraged by this cowardly tactic and fights off the minions while Kinnikuman defeats Great Ukon with a Kinniku Buster. Black Emperor then arrives and challenges Kinnikuman. When Kinnikuman refuses, he places Bibinba and her father on a large boulder and surrounds them with a lake of fire. Kinnikuman tries to walk through the flames, but only gets halfway through before almost passing out. Suddenly, Terryman and Warsman arrive and pull him out while Robin Mask and Rikishiman save Bibinba and her father. With the Idol Choujins all there, the real fights begin.
After winning the 21st Choujin Olympics, Kinnikuman plans to build his own theme park. As his friends and celebrities arrive, the sky grows dark and with a flash of lightning Kinnikuman's championship belt is gone. He then sees that it has been taken by Octopus Dragon III, who challenges him to take it back. Kinnikuman tries but fails and Mari is kidnapped. Octopus Dragon gives Kinnikuman a time limit to save her before she is fed to the monster Gigasaurus and then returns to his home world of . Despite his injuries, Kinnikuman is determined to go and reclaim his belt and Mari. Luckily, Terryman, Ramenman, Robin Mask, Warsman, Brocken Jr., and Rikishiman arrive to lend him a hand.