Synonyms for tessmannii or Related words with tessmannii

schlechteri              glaziovii              lonchocarpus              cauliflora              umbrosum              alchornea              flexuosum              mucronatum              perakensis              laxum              lancifolia              sessilifolia              acutum              dorstenia              laxiflora              squamulosa              martiana              gardneriana              subsessilis              lindenii              brassii              sessiliflora              stipulata              polysperma              schliebenii              baphia              mansf              tabularis              parvifolium              vepris              peduncularis              entada              aerva              iryanthera              appendiculata              calcarata              serjania              connata              pearcei              marsdenia              myriantha              cymosa              elatum              standleyi              brosimum              preussii              bracteata              filamentosa              caulescens              jaliscensis             

Examples of "tessmannii"
Near Iquitos there are stands holding "Parkia inundabilis", "Septotheca tessmannii", "Coumarouna micrantha", "Ceiba burchellii", "Ochroma lagopus", "Manilkara inundata" and "Iryanthera tessmannii".
Billbergia tessmannii is a species in the genus "Billbergia". It is endemic to Peru.
Attalea tessmannii is a species of flowering plant in the Arecaceae family.
Aechmea tessmannii is a species in the genus "Aechmea". This species is native to Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.
Other typical várzea trees are "Parkia inundabilis", "Septotheca tessmannii", "Coumarouna micrantha", "Ceiba burchellii", "Ochroma lagopus" and "Manilkara inundata".
Tachigali tessmannii is a species of leguminous species of tree in the Fabaceae family. It is found only in Peru.
The term Uziza refers to the dried fruit of the West African deciduous shrub "Zanthoxylum tessmannii", syn. "Fagara tessmannii", a member of the 'prickly ash' "Zanthoxylum" family. The name of the spice is derived from Igbo, a language in Nigeria, where the spice is grown and harvested on a commercial basis. "Zanthoxylum tessmannii" is a close relative of the Sichuan pepper, and Uziza has a similar taste profile to the Asian spice. However, unlike Sichuan pepper where only the pericarp of the fruit is used, uziza is used whole (both pericarp and seed). This may explain why uziza has a spicier flavour and greater pungency than sichuan pepper. However, Cary Cairncross of Raw Decadence South Africa ( writes (personal communication): "I have an Igbo tribe supplier from Nigeria and he disagrees and says it is a local name for ashanti pepper (piper guineense)".
The natural distribution of these species within the Americas is geographically distinct. "S. mahagoni" grows on the West Indian islands as far north as the Bahamas, the Florida Keys and parts of Florida; "S. humilis" grows in the dry regions of the Pacific coast of Central America from south-western Mexico to Costa Rica; "S. macrophylla" grows in Central America from Yucatan southwards and into South America, extending as far as Peru, Bolivia and extreme western Brazil. In the 20th century various botanists attempted to further define "S. macrophylla" in South America as a new species, such as "S. candollei" Pittier and "S. tessmannii" Harms., but many authorities consider these spurious. According to Record and Hess, all of the mahogany of continental North and South America can be considered as one botanical species, "Swietenia macrophylla" King.