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Examples of "tetagouche"
Situated northwest of the outskirts of Bathurst, it is mostly surrounded by forest. Among other communities in the surroundings are Beresford, Petit Rocher, Nigadoo, North Tetagouche, South Tetagouche, Pointe Verte, and Rough Waters.
South Tetagouche is an unincorporated community in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada. The community is west of Bathurst.
The Nepisiguit River is another notable river feeding the Bay of Chaleur. Smaller rivers into the bay include the Caraquet River, Tetagouche River and Jacquet River.
In 1919, the Bathurst Lumber Company bought out the Bathurst Electric and Water Power Company, which had been formed in 1904 by Act of Assembly to exploit the Tetagouche River, and in 1912 had installed a hydroelectric plant at Tetagouche Falls, about eight miles from Bathurst.
Within the Local service district, North Tetagouche is administered by the Department of Local Government (New Brunswick), assisted by and advisory committee of five members with a president.
North Tetagouche (Tétagouche-Nord in French) is a Canadian community in New Brunswick situated 7 km Western the centre of Bathurst.
It includes the city of Bathurst west of the Middle River, the town of Beresford and rural communities south of the Tetagouche River.
Construction of the present airport near South Tetagouche was begun in 1964 as a project funded by the Town of Bathurst and Gloucester county municipalities. Lights were installed along the 4,000 by 75 foot paved runway in 1968.
Munro was granted 500 acres on the banks of the Tetagouche River and named his residence Somerset Vale; part of his estate is now the location of the local hospital. He was a successful agriculturalist, and organized and was the first president of the Gloucester County Agricultural Society, formed in 1828.
It is located to the North of Tetagouche river, it is rectangular and it borders with Dunlop on the Northwest. The most part of its territory is a forest and a residential neighbourhood by the river which links to Route 322.
In its current form, it ranges from Belledune in the north, following the coast along the Chaleur Bay through the villages of Pointe-Verte, Petit-Rocher and Nigadoo to the boundary of Beresford, then turning south as far as the Tetagouche River
Bathurst is situated at the southernmost part of Chaleur Bay on Bathurst Harbour, an estuary at the mouth of four rivers: the Nepisiguit River, the Middle River, Little River, and the Tetagouche River. Two spits of land, Carron Point and Alston Point, form the enclosure for the harbour. Youghall Beach Provincial Park lies to the north of town. Bathurst is located 90 km south of Dalhousie, and 90 km north of Miramichi.
In 1847, Ferguson married Mary Munro, the youngest daughter of Hugh Munro. They would come to live at the mouth of the Tetagouche River on Bathurst Harbour, in an estate they called Gowan Brae. One of their housekeepers was a destitute young widow named Eliza Dunn, mother to James Hamet Dunn; in this way, Mrs. Dunn was allowed to provide for her son at the Ferguson family home. The son would later grow to become a formidable entrepreneur in the pattern of his benefactor.
Kent was born to Hannah Branch and Joseph Kent. His grandfather (also named Joseph Kent) was an immigrant from Cornwall, England and was a pioneer in the development of the mining industry in New Brunswick. However, having not found sufficient success in mining, in 1842 the elder Joseph Kent bought land near Tetagouche and prospered as a farmer and blacksmith. The younger Joseph Kent bought his own farm near Bathurst in 1873. The Joseph Kent Farm, where W.J. Kent lived as a child, is now on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.
In 1904 Bathurst was a seaport, a port of entry on the Intercolonial Railway and the Caraquet and Gulf Shore Railway and a town with a post office, 35 stores, six hotels, a steam sawmill, a shingle mill, a flour mill, three fish freezers, two carriage factories, a printing shop, three churches and a population of 3,000. A boy of fifteen, fresh out of school, could earn $18.00 per month "to work in the woods". That year, John P. Leger formed a private venture called the Bathurst Electric and Water Power Company, with aim to erect and operate at Tetagouche River Falls a hydro-electric plant. Electricity had arrived in Bathurst, twenty-two years after the Pearl Street Station had illuminated New York.
Nigadoo-Chaleur was created in the 1973 electoral redistribution as one of the five districts from the previous Gloucester district, defined as the parish of Beresford and the villages in that area of Gloucester County. It gained the remaining part of Belledune in Durham Parish from Restigouche East (which merged into Dalhousie-Restigouche East) and lost the area of parish of Beresford south of the Nigadoo River to Nepisiguit-Chaleur (now Nepisiguit) in the 1994 redistribution but did not change further in 2006. In the 2013 redistribution it lost Beresford to the new district of Bathurst West-Beresford but gained territory to its south running west of the Bathurst and Beresford municipal lines down to the Tetagouche river.