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erubescens              caesia              recurva              asperum              insulare              ciliata              rubida              calcarata              vernicosa              mucronata              laevigatum              tomentosus              caffra              campanulata              silvatica              spathulata              fastigiata              incana              virgata              orites              arbuscula              colorata              gracilipes              plumosa              ambiguum              vestita              torulosa              pulvinata              sepiaria              sinuata              hirtella              complanata              membranacea              foveolata              magellanica              foliacea              horrida              kickxia              rhomboidea              geniculatus              weinmannia              cuneifolia              tenellus              subulata              setigera              cretica              filipes              obtusata              rivularis              oblongifolia             

Examples of "tetragona"
Raillietina tetragona (synonym "Taenia tetragona" Molin) is a parasitic tapeworm belonging to the class Cestoda. It is a cosmopolitan helminth of the small intestine of pigeon, chicken and guinea fowl, and is found throughout the world.
Eucalyptus × tetragona is a hybrid species in the genus "Eucalyptus". The valid taxonomic name "Eucalyptus tetragona" was previously used to describe the species now known as "Eucalyptus pleurocarpa", but the type specimen upon which the name was based turned out to be a hybrid with "E. extrica", so the later homonym "E. pleurocarpa" was adopted for the pure species, and "E." × "tetragona" for the hybrid. The Noongar names for the tree are Talyerock or Tallerack.
Hebe tetragona is a sub-alpine plant of the family Plantaginaceae, which is endemic to New Zealand.
Strychnos tetragona is a species of plant in the Loganiaceae family. It is endemic to Sri Lanka.
Macdunnoughia tetragona is a species of moth of the family Noctuidae. It is found in Asia, including India and Taiwan.
Crassula tetragona is a succulent plant native to Southern Africa. It is widely distributed from the Orange River boundary of Namaqualand to beyond the Kei River in the Eastern Cape. "Tetragona" comes from the phyllotaxy of the leaves. It is popularly named the "miniature pine tree" among ornamental plant enthusiasts, for its popular use as a "pine tree" in Bonsai.
It occurs naturally in Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Associated species include "Calytrix tetragona", as well as "Acacia", "Daviesia", "Leptospermum", "Leucopogon" and "Triodia" species.
Favartia tetragona is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the murex snails or rock snails.
"H. tetragona" can grow up to 1 metre high and has very small, yellow-green leaves that completely surround the stem. White flowers are produced during summer.
"Nymphaea leibergii" is also closely related "Nymphaea tetragona", these two species of "small" waterlilies where once thought to be the same species. Today they are recognized as a distinct but form section "Chamaenyphaea" of the subgenera "Nymphaea". "N. leibergii" has an overlapping range with the circumboreal "N. tetragona". However, the former is more common in the central and eastern parts of northern North America, while the latter is more common in the northwestern and western sections. There are differences between the species in both the floral and vegetative parts. In the flower receptacle, where the base is elliptic in "N. leibergii", the base has angular protrusions and appears tetragonal in "N. tetragona". "N. leibergii" also has fewer petals and stamens, and a yellowish-brown stigma, where the stigma is purple in "N. tetragona".
Thysanoptyx tetragona is a moth in the family Arctiidae. It was described by Walker in 1854. It is found in Bangladesh, Sikkim, India.
Permafrost is everywhere on the higher slopes but there are patches of alpine tundra plant life at lower elevations, including mountain avens ("Dryas octopetala") and "Erica"s such as "Vaccinium vitis-idaea" and "Cassiope tetragona".
An unusual species first described in 2000, "Lobatolampea tetragona", has been classified as a lobate, although the lobes are "primitive" and the body is medusa-like when floating and disk-like when resting on the sea-bed.
Cassiope tetragona (common names include Arctic bell-heather, white Arctic mountain heather and Arctic white heather) is a plant native to the high Arctic and northern Norway, where it is found widely.
Pyramidula is a genus of moss in the family Funariaceae. It contains the single species Pyramidula tetragona distributed in central North America as well as Europe and Africa. Pyramid moss is a common name.
The fungus is only known from the type collection, a single specimen that was found growing on pieces of humus in sandy soil in an open area. "Eucalyptus tetragona" trees were growing nearby.
An unusual species first described in 2000, "Lobatolampea tetragona", has been classified as a lobate, although the lobes are "primitive" and the body is medusa-like when floating and disk-like when resting on the sea-bed.
It grows in moist places and on heaths, often together with "Dryas octopetala" and "Cassiope tetragona". Like all "Pedicularis" it is a hemiparasite and the preferred host is probably "Dryas octopetala".
Tarache tetragona, the four-spotted bird dropping moth, is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found from southern Florida south through the Caribbean and from eastern Texas south through Mexico and most of Central America to Costa Rica.
The species is restricted to Tulloch Ard Gorge in the Snowy River National Park in East Gippsland. Here, it grows on cliff faces above the Snowy River with a north to north-east aspect. Associated plant species include shrubby platysace ("Platysace lanceolata"), violet daisy-bush ("Olearia iodochroa"), digger's speedwell ("Veronica perfoliata"), common fringe-myrtle ("Calytrix tetragona") and tall baeckea" (Sannantha pluriflora").