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Examples of "textwrangler"
In 2003 Bare Bones introduced the commercial text editor TextWrangler, an enhanced version of BBEdit Lite, which ceased further development. Later TextWrangler 2.0 was made available free of charge.
In the Summer of 2016, with the release of BBEdit 11.6, Bare Bones Software introduced a free mode of BBEdit that even after the expiration of the 30-day evaluation period of BBEdit's full features, would continue to offer both TextWrangler's features and some additional features beyond TextWrangler's. In response to a user question, author Rich Siegel confirmed that TextWrangler will eventually be phased out, given that the free mode of BBEdit now incorporates all functions of TextWrangler.
A plain text editor like BBEdit, TextWrangler does not have formatting and style options. It has features common to most programming text editors, such as syntax highlighting for various programming languages, a find and replace function with regular expression support, spell check, and data comparison. TextWrangler also includes scripting support using AppleScript, Python, Perl, shell scripts, and BBEdit's native Text Factories. It supports text reformatting, and can read and save files in encodings including various Unicode encodings, ASCII, Latin-1 and Latin-9.
BBEdit was available at no charge upon its initial release in 1992, but was commercialized in May 1993 with the release of version 2.5. At the same time, Bare Bones Software also made a less-featured version of BBEdit 2.5 called BBEdit Lite available at no cost. BBEdit Lite lacked plugin support, scriptability, syntax coloring and other features then deemed as mainly for advanced users. Bare Bones Software discontinued BBEdit Lite at version 6.1 and replaced it with TextWrangler, which was available for a fee, although significantly less than BBEdit. In 2005, TextWrangler 2.0 was released as freeware and subsequent versions continue to be distributed as such.
Fountain has since been implemented in several popular text editors, word processors and screenwriting applications, such as BBEdit, Emacs, JotterPad, Scrivener, Slugline, Storyist, Sublime Text, TextWrangler, Trelby, Vim, Writer and many others.