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He is best known as an actor in critically acclaimed films such as "Dweepa", "Koormavatara", "Thaayi Saheba" and "Kaanuru Heggadathi".
He won his second Golden Lotus for "Tabarana Kathe" in 1987. Considered as one of the best edited films in India, it deals with the futile efforts of a retired government servant to earn his pension. In 1997, he came up with another masterpiece, "Thaayi Saheba" which won him his third Golden Lotus award. "Thaayi Saheba" is considered to be the most mature work of the director, dealing with the transition in the Indian society from the pre- to the post-independence periods.
Thaayi Saheba (, ) is a Kannada language film released in 1997 directed by Girish Kasaravalli. The film was an adaptation of Kannada novel of same name written by Ranganath Shyamrao Lokapura.
Vaishali Kasaravalli worked as a costume designer in her husband's films such as "Bannada Vesha", "Mane", "Kubi Mathu Iyyala", "Kraurya", "Thaayi Saheba" (won national award in 1998), "Dweepa" and "Kanasemba Kudureyaneri".
He used to supply imported perfumes and other material to Rajkumar, Kannada thespian. According to Rohit Jain, son of Chandulal, Rajkumar was impressed with Chandulal's fluency in Kannada and encouraged him to produce films in the language. Varadappa, brother of Rajkumar, having become close friend of Chandulal arranged a call sheet of the actors; consequently, Chandulal produced Rajkumar's hit movie "Thaayi Devaru".
Feature films were awarded at All India as well as regional level. For !! National Film Awards, a Kannada film, "Thaayi Saheba" won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film also winning the maximum number of awards (4). Following were the awards given in each category:
Isaac entered into film composing with the Kannada film "Thaayi Saheba" released in 1997. The film was received well by the critics and the music was appreciated. This paved the way for a long association of Isaac with the director Girish Kasaravalli. He went on to score for Kasaravalli's future films such as "Kraurya" (1998), "Dweepa" (2003), "Naayi Neralu" (2006) and "Gulabi Talkies" (2008).
Films such as"bedara kannappa (1954), "satya harishchandra", "Vamshavruksha" (1971), "Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu" (1974), "Hamsageethe" (1975), "Ghatashraddha" (1977), "Kaadu Kudure" (1979), "Bara" (1979), "Ranganayaki" (1981), "Maanasa Sarovara" (1982), "Accident" (1985), "Pushpaka Vimana" (1987), "Tabarana Kathe" (1987), "Kraurya" (1996), "Thaayi Saheba" (1997), "A" (1998), "Mane" (2000), "Dweepa" (2002), "Mungaru Male" (2006), "Aptharakshaka" (2010), "Dandupalya" (2012), "RangiTaranga" (2015), and "Killing Veerappan" (2016) have revolutionized the Kannada film industry.
Isaac debuted as a composer into the film industry with the National award winning Kannada film "Thaayi Saheba" (1997) directed by Girish Kasaravalli. For his background score in the film "Adaminte Makan Abu" (2010), Isaac won the Best Music Director award at the 58th National Film Awards. Besides this, he has won the Kerala State Film Awards five times for his score in various Malayalam films.
He produced almost 40 films; 35 were in Kannada language as a producer. He was the producer of "Thaayi Devaru", in which Rajkumar was a lead actor, and the film was a huge success. He produced "'Tabbaliyu Neenade Magane" and "Gangavva Gangamaayi", which were financial failures but won critics applause. His three films — "Bhootayaana Maga Ayyu", "Veerappan", and "Gangamma Gangamaayi" — won the best film awards from the Karnataka Government.
Girish Kasaravalli (); (born 3 December 1950) is an Indian film director, in the Kannada cinema, and one of the pioneers of the Parallel Cinema. Known internationally for his works, Kasaravalli has garnered fourteen National Film Awards, including four Best Feature Films; "Ghatashraddha" (1977), "Tabarana Kathe" (1986), "Thaayi Saheba" (1997) and "Dweepa" (2002). In 2011, he was awarded Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award by Government of India.
It is difficult to say what Thaayi Saheba was all about. It was evidently a film that narrated the transition in the Indian society from the pre independence to the post independence periods. We can easily skip the transition part and look at the film as a straight narrative about the life of Narmada Thayi. The film also narrates the social conditions of women during that period. Thayi Saheba can definitely be viewed as a sum total of all these interpretations. We witness the social and political transition of the Indian Society through the life of the protagonist.
Jayamala is a multifaceted personality in the Kannada film industry having been a leading lady in the eighties and later turned producer making many award-winning artistic films. Jayamala has acted in several movies in Kannada, Tulu, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. She has acted with several big Kannada stars like Vishnuvardhan, Ambareesh, Rajkumar, Shankar Nag and Prabhakar. She had several hits like Shankar Guru, "Giri Kanye", etc. Her first production venture Thaayi Saaheba was directed by Girish Kasaravalli and it won a National award. Jayamala received a special jury award for her brilliant performance in the film. She has also produced a children's film Thuttoori which won both National and State Government awards.
Kannada cinema, along with Bengali and Malayalam films, contributed simultaneously to the age of Indian [[parallel cinema]]. Some of the influential Kannada films in this genre are "[[Samskara (film)|Samskara]]" (based on a novel by [[U. R. Ananthamurthy]]), "[[Chomana Dudi]]" by [[B. V. Karanth]], "[[Tabarana Kathe]]", "[[Vamshavruksha]]", "Kadu Kudure," "[[Hamsageethe]]", "[[Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu]]", "[[Accident (1985 film)|Accident]]", "[[Maanasa Sarovara]]", "[[Ghatashraddha]]", "[[Tabarana Kathe]]", "[[Mane (film)|Mane]]", "[[Kraurya]]", "[[Thaayi Saheba]]", "[[Dweepa]]", "[[Munnudi]]", "[[Atithi (2002 film)|Atithi]]", "[[Beru (film)|Beru]]", "[[Thutturi]]", "[[Vimukthi]]", "[[Bettada Jeeva]]", and "[[Bharath Stores]]".
After his stint as the assistant director from 1958 through 1965, he got his acting break in supporting role in Seetharama Shastry's "Beretha Jeeva" starring Kalyan Kumar. From then on, he acted with almost all the directors of the 1970s and 1980s through 2000s. Some of his most memorable performances as a character actor include "Sharapanjara", "Naagarahaavu", "Shubhamangala"; all of which are directed by Puttanna Kanagal. His comic roles were appreciated in many films such as "Chalisuva Modagalu", "Shravana Banthu", "Haalu Jenu", "Hombisilu", "Hosa Belaku", "Guru Shishyaru", "Simhada Mari Sainya", "Makkala Sainya" to name a few. He appeared in the lead role in "Driver Hanumanthu" (1980) which was also co-produced by him. Post 2000 year, he switched to character roles performing in major blockbusters such as "Apthamitra" , "Huchcha" and parallel cinemas such as "Bara" and "Thaayi Saheba". He also acted in television series "Grihabhanga", directed by Girish Kasaravalli and "Baduku" directed by Ravikiran.