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Examples of "thabong"
Today the townships of Thabong and Bronville have a population of approximately 200,000 residents. Usually Thabong is referred to the combination of both Thabong and Bronville (former Coloured township) though Bronville is classified as an independent township of Welkom.
That's where "Thabong Kids" figuratively or 'Black Diamonds' meet to enjoy themselves especially the ones who have moved out of Thabong to places like Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg, Roodepoort, Pretoria, etc.
Various hospices also exist. Thabong and Bronville also host various primary care clinics.
Thabong consists of 49 suburbs of which can classified as follow
The community of Thaban'a Mahlanya includes the villages of Ha Laka, Ha Majara, Ha Moeko, Ha Moqekela, Ha Motsepa, Ha Motsoloane, Ha Mphafi, Ha Mpora, Ha Phaila, Ha Ramalapi, Ha Rantsimana, Ha Rasebate, Ha Sephooko, Hillside, Khomo-ea-Leburu, Lingoareng, Liphokoaneng, Majakaneng, Majakaneng, Maqethong, Mohlakeng, Patisi, Phomolong, Pontšeng, Projecteng, Sekiring, Thabana Mahlanya, Thabong, Thabong II and Topa.
People from both Thabong and Bronville do their shopping in Welkom, however, at the rate at which the township of Thabong is growing a new shopping mall, "Boitumelo Junction" has been opened. At 25,500 m, it is anchored by Shoprite, Boxer and the usual others.
Thabong hosts Bongani Regional Hospital and together with Bronville host various primary care clinics, some are open 24 hours per day.
One player, Ntate Thabong Phosa, plays with Sipho Mabuse and can be heard in the song "Thaba Bosiu" on Mabuse's "Township Child" album.
During Apartheid in the years of segregation, the townships of Thabong and Bronville were established for black and Coloured people, respectively.
As of 2011, the population of Welkom proper was 75,398, while the townships of Thabong and Bronville had a population of 126,013 and 9,600 respectively. This gives the urban area a total population of 211,011 people.
In 2002, Sebokeng's first Plaza, Sebokeng Plaza was opened to serve and employ the residents of Sebokeng and neighbouring townships and in 2009 they build another plaza which is Thabong plaza and they are currently converting it into a Mall.
Thabang Thabong was an educational children's television programme from South Africa broadcast weekday mornings on SABC2. The programme featured a mixture of human and puppet characters plus some animation. It is no longer aired by SABC.
The township forms part of Matjhabeng Local Municipality in the Lejweleputswa District Municipality, that includes Welkom. The township is filled with diversity of people due to people who came from various counties like Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, etc. to work in mines of Goldfields. The most spoken languages in Thabong is Sesotho followed by Xhosa.
Thabong (meaning 'place of happiness' in Southern Sotho) is a large township on the goldfields of the Free State province in South Africa. The township was established during the years of segregation of black people as well as the township of Bronville for coloured people adjacent to the city of Welkom, to accommodate workers at the world's richest gold mines.
In the late sixties, Kutlwanong Township had four primary Schools, Icoseng Thusanong, Marobe and Impucuko. When learners passed STD 6 with a second class, to further their studies they either had to go to Lebogang High School in Thabong (Welkom) or to a boarding school elsewhere.
The community of Stadium Area includes the villages of Aupolasi (Lower Thamae), Cathedral Area, Emmanuel Hostel, Fokothi, Lesotho High School, Lower Thamae, 'Mabathoana High School, Maseru East, Mohalalitoe, Moshoeshoe II, NTTC, Ntširele (Lower Thamae), Save The Children, Sea-Point, Stadium Area, Temong, Thabong,
Originally from the mining town of Thabong Welkom in South Africa, Colossa was active in sports growing up. At Leseding Technical School, Colossa competed in baseball, cricket, basketball, and rugby. Two years later, Colossa moved on to THS Welkom where he also began competing in hockey. At the age of 15, Colossa began training in kickboxing at the age of 15.
Marena Mangata
Masaleng (Ha Khomo-Ea-Leburu)
Matlapeng (Ha Ntina)
Mokoallong (Mapoteng)
Popopo (Mapoteng)
Sehlabeng (Lefikeng)
Taung (Mapoteng)
Taung (Nokong)
Thabong (Mapoteng)
Thota-Tsehla (Mapoteng)
Thoteng (Nokong)
Tlokong (Ha Nthoba)
The community of Kao includes the villages of Benoni, Benteke, Bochabela, Boithero, Ha Balimo, Ha Heshe, Ha Janki, Ha Lekula, Ha Lenela, Ha Lepatoa, Ha Mafusing, Ha Maqetela, Ha Masilo, Ha Mohloai, Ha Morake, Ha Moruti, Ha Mosoang, Ha Motsapi, Ha Mou, Ha Mphatsela, Ha Ntereke, Ha Poosho, Ha Potjo, Ha Qaqana, Ha Ramatlung, Ha Seapi, Ha Sejakane, Ha Tae (Thoteng), Ha Thabe, Ha Thaka-Banna, Ha Tsoenyane, Jabavu, Kolone, Letlapeng, Letša-Lea-Luma, Lihlabeng, Macheseng, Mahlabatheng, Makhunoane, Masenkeng, Matsikeng, Mokhujoaneng, Mokoetlaneng, Mokotjela, Moqomong, Phamong, Phoku, Ropa, Sheeshe, Thabong, Tholong and Tšepong.
The programme revolves around Tumi, a woman who lives in a house in Thabang Thabong with a four-year-old girl Tandi, and two meerkats Tiki and Toko. Tumi is the teacher, and also the parental figure of the program. The characters have adventures, sing songs, read books and do dances and exercises. If they have questions, they usually ask Blob, a clay animated blob, that makes shapes and objects to answer their questions because he can't speak. Once a week the flamboyant Thembi comes in with mail from fans. These letters are then read out and drawings sent in are shown.