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Examples of "thalassotherapy"
Thalassa sea and spa: Prestige seaside destinations: 15 destinations, 14 thalassotherapy sites, 19 hotels, 4 countries
The spa is used extensively for thalassotherapy i.e. the medical use of sea air and water.
Among local economic activities there are seaside tourism, Thalassotherapy, sports (surfing and water-slides) and aerospace (Dassault Aviation).
The area features all climatic and bioclimatic conditions favorable for the development of thalassotherapy and health tourism.
Due to the richness of iodine in the surrounding waters and the mild climate maintained by a sea current that only varies between 8 ° C and 18 °C, Roscoff is also a center of post-cure which gave rise to the concept of thalassotherapy in the latter half of the 19th century. A French doctor, Louis-Eugène Bagot opened Institut marin in Roscoff in 1899, the first center for thalassotherapy in Europe. Since then many important centers of thalassotherapy such as the Institut de Rockroum (originally Institut marin), the clinic Kerléna, and a heliomarin hospital founded in 1900, the Perharidy Center can be found on the edges of the sea of Roscoff.
Some claims are made that thalassotherapy was developed in seaside towns in Brittany, France during the 19th century. A particularly prominent practitioner from this era was Dr Richard Russell, whose efforts have been credited with playing a role in the populist "sea side mania of the second half of the eighteenth century", although broader social movements were also at play. Others claim that the practice of thalassotherapy is older: "The origins of thermal baths and related treatments can be traced back to remote antiquity. Romans were firm believers in the virtues of thermalism and thalassotherapy.
The St. David's Marine Spa offers thalassotherapy as well as holistic and aromatherapy treatments. Facilities include a swimming pool, marine hydrotherapy pools and a gymnasium.
Tourism in Rimini started as therapeutic stay (thalassotherapy, idrotherapy and heliotherapy), evolving in élite vacation in the late 19th century, in middle-class tourism during the fascist era and finally in mass tourism in the postwar period.
"Fucus serratus" is used in Ireland and France for the production of cosmetics and for thalassotherapy. In the Western Isles of Scotland, it is harvested for use as a liquid fertiliser.
The commune also hosts on its territory a centre of re-education and rehabilitation, a centre of thalassotherapy, three , two health centres, 91 doctors, eight dentists and seven pharmacists.
Wittdün is a seaside resort, tourism is the main source of income. In 2005, 374,000 lodgings were registered. There is a sea water swimming pool and a centre for thalassotherapy. Moreover, Amrum's youth hostel is located in Wittdün. The village hosts Amrum's only ferry terminal.
Trévou-Tréguignec has two beaches, Royau and Trestel (Breton "traezh", fine sand). Trestel, the nude beach, attracts many summer visitors and flew the European Blue flag (indicating environmental quality) from 1998 to 2004. There is also a Thalassotherapy center. Another small beach is nicknamed "Cabbage Beach" because of the Sea kale growing on the shingle.
The interior decorations of the "MSC Sinfonia" are described as European Moderne by cruise review author Douglas Ward, with minimalist furniture that is in places impractical. The public spaces include two main dining rooms, a self-serve buffet, cafeteria, two-deck high showlounge, a discothèque, several bars, a casino and a library. The lido deck includes two outdoors swimming pool and two thalassotherapy jacuzzis.
Richard Russell (26 November 1687 – 1759) was an 18th-century British physician who encouraged his patients to use a form of water therapy that involved the submersion or bathing in, and drinking of, seawater. The contemporary equivalent of this is thalassotherapy, although the practice of drinking sea water has largely discontinued.
Carl Haeberlin (15 December 1870–12 November 1954), sometimes also spelled Häberlin, was a German physician and natural historian. He was influential for the development of climatotherapy and thalassotherapy in Germany and founded the "Dr. Carl-Häberlin-Friesenmuseum" in Wyk auf Föhr. He is not to be confused with the German psychologist Carl Haeberlin (1878–1947).
Various therapies used in the present-day hydrotherapy employ water jets, underwater massage and mineral baths (e.g. balneotherapy, Iodine-Grine therapy, Kneipp treatments, Scotch hose, Swiss shower, thalassotherapy) and/or whirlpool bath, hot Roman bath, hot tub, Jacuzzi, cold plunge and mineral bath.
Föhr features a moderate oceanic climate. The beneficial effects of the local climate and seawater on certain medical conditions inspired the physician Carl Haeberlin (1870–1954) from Wyk to develop treatments for climatotherapy and thalassotherapy at the beginning of the 20th century. He became the pioneer of these disciplines in Germany.
Thalassotherapy (from the Greek word "thalassa", meaning "sea") is the medical use of seawater as a form of therapy. It is based on the systematic use of seawater, sea products, and shore climate. The properties of seawater are believed to have beneficial effects upon the pores of the skin.
Popular for its panoramic view of the Bay of Sion is on this part of the city that house prices are highest. The area of the village is in full redesign with the development of a major infrastructure project on the scale of the town: thalassotherapy.
Porto Carras is home to the biggest private marina in northern Greece, having berths for 315 boats and is built by Finnish manufacturer of marinas and pontoons Marinetek. Visitors can also find one of the largest in South Eastern Europe as well as a thalassotherapy and Spa center. It also contains restaurants, interior and beach bars and an estival cinema theater. The Porto Carras is currently owned by the "Technical Olympic Group".