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Examples of "thallonian"
Si Cwan was once a ruler of the Thallonian Empire, until that Empire fell. His commitment to justice was surpassed only by his sense of his own importance. Si Cwan had a commanding presence, and was renowned in physical combat. He served for a time as an ambassador on the "Excalibur" before the creation of the New Thallonian Empire, which he ruled with his Nelkarite rival, Fhermus. He eventually married Robin Lefler, who served as Starfleet ambassador to his empire. Si Cwan met his death at the hands of Fhermus.
Robin Lefler served for a time on the USS "Enterprise"-D (where she appeared in the "" episodes "Darmok" and "The Game", played by Ashley Judd). Lefler was later assigned as a navigator for the "Excalibur". During this time, she finally rediscovered her missing mother, Morgan. Lefler later married Si Cwan and settled with him on a planet in the Thallonian Empire, where she served as a Starfleet Ambassador. After Si Cwan's death she gave birth to his child, Cwansi, and briefly ruled the Thallonian world before leaving with the child for their own safety.
The younger sister of Si Cwan. (Her name was spelled "Kallinda" in many of the early books in the series.) She was hidden from Cwan after the fall of the Thallonian Empire. She has the special ability to see and converse with the dead.
First published in 1997 as a serial consisting of four short novels, "New Frontier" is set in the "" universe, but in the unexplored Sector 221-G, home of the recently fallen Thallonian Empire. Starting the series with a combination of new characters and former "Next Generation" guest stars gave David the opportunity to create his own corner of the Star Trek Universe. Characters from "New Frontier" have been involved in several crossover events with novels based on the television series (the "Gateways, Double Helix, Captain's Table" and mirror universe novel series).
Starting from the mid-1990s, several ranges of books were created based upon original continuing characters and situations set in the "Star Trek" universe. The first of these, "" by Peter David, focuses on the crew of the starship "Excalibur". Some characters in this series were guest stars from episodes of "", while others were from previous "Star Trek" titles by the same author, and still others were created originally for the series. "New Frontier" takes place in Sector 221-G, where the "Excalibur" is dispatched to help with the chaos created by the crumbling Thallonian Empire.
As a Starfleet officer, Calhoun served aboard the USS "Grissom", where he meets Katarina "Kat" Mueller, who would become his lover. It was on the "Grissom" that he learns to play poker, and establishes a reputation for being able to bluff his way through any hand, even evading an empath's attempt to get a bead on him. Calhoun was present during a catastrophic event aboard the "Grissom", which led to his apparent departure from Starfleet. In reality, he becomes an undercover operative for head of Starfleet Intelligence Admiral Alynna Nechayev who, years afterward, fearing Calhoun was getting "too deep" into the lifestyle of the thugs and criminals he was associating with, pulled him out and gave him his own starship to command, the USS "Excalibur". It was in taking this command that he is reunited with both Shelby, who was now his First Officer, and Mueller, whom he picked as his Executive Officer (the terms are normally synonymous on the various television series, but in the "New Frontier" novels, a First Officer heads the ship's day shift, while the Executive Officer commands the night shift watch). Calhoun is assigned to Sector 221-G, the area of space of the former Thallonian Empire, which has collapsed, resulting in destabilization of the region.
The Mirror Universe counterpart of Calhoun first appears in "Cutting Ties", a story in the 2007 anthology "Star Trek Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances". In the mirror universe, instead of witnessing his father's fatal beating at the hands of the Danteri, young M'k'n'zy begs for his father's life, insisting that he has no knowledge of D'ndai's rebellious activities. Humiliated by what he sees as his son's weakness, Gr'zy disowns the boy, who is treated as an outcast. When Praetor Hiren, the leader of the Danteri's allies, the Romulans, comes to Calhoun, he takes the boy, whom he renames "Muck", to live with him on Romulus, as assurance against further rebellion. The abusive Hiren gives Muck a scar on his face corresponding to the one possessed by Captain Calhoun in our universe. After a year in Hiren's residence, Hiren orders the boy to execute Gr'zy, who has continued his rebellion, but Gr'zy commits suicide before Muck can do this. The furious Hiren banishes Muck to the mines of Remus, where the young slave endures years of torment from other miners, until he kills his tormenters. He is eventually purchased by the Mirror Soleta and her father, Rojan, and becomes Soleta's lover. Muck and Soleta are present during a meeting arranged by Praetor Hiren between Rojan and the Mirror Lord Si Cwan of the Thallonian Empire and Falkar of Danter aboard Si Cwan's ship, the "Stinger". There, Muck meets the Mirror Kalinda, Burgoyne 182, Zak Kebron, Robin Lefler, and Elizabeth Shelby. Muck discovers that the Mirror Mark McHenry's god-like powers are used as the ship's intelligence and power source.