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pharro              kalih              wengker              dovessi              tfwala              bhru              kambu              emperorzhu              koyava              chaang              balthamel              kbachkun              perisytiharan              temti              khwarenah              kalogeros              pongsanmoni              maghan              timmana              appalu              pabagan              pithu              leconi              waenre              lavdara              gavrio              qaimish              belja              hsiwan              hlave              hotar              maeonia              ulstai              nancere              shilhaha              oghul              menandrou              pengerusi              gangsal              gandamatu              masamaro              jeonghyo              thirat              artabuynk              harong              inglorion              krommaluang              kalogiros              tellu              knodara             

Examples of "thaong"
"Tambon" Ban Chiang, Wang Thong and Chao Thaong of Nong Bua Daeng district were separated to create the minor district ("King Amphoe") Phakdi Chumphon on August 1, 1988. It was official upgraded to a full district on September 7, 1995.
The legend of Kaundinya is paralleled in modern Khmer folklore, where the foreign prince is known as "Preah Thaong" and the queen as "Neang Neak". In this version of the story, Preah Thaong arrives by sea to an island marked by a giant thlok tree, native to Cambodia. On the island, he finds the home of the nāgas and meets Neang Neak, daughter of the nāga king. He marries her with blessings from her father and returns to the human world. The nāga king drinks the sea around the island and confers the name "Kampuchea Thipdei", which is derived from the Sanskrit ("Kambujādhipati") and may be translated into English as "the lord of Cambodia". In another version, it is stated that Preah Thaong fights Neang Neak.
Funan is associated with myths, such as the Kattigara legend and the Khmer founding legend in which an Indian Brahman or prince named Preah Thaong in Khmer, Kaundinya in Sanskrit and Hun-t’ien in Chinese records marries the local ruler, a princess named Nagi Soma (Lieu-Ye in Chinese records), thus establishing the first Cambodian royal dynasty.
The legend of Preah Thaong and Neang Neak explains many Khmer wedding customs, in which the groom carries the bride's scarf, symbolizing that he is from afar and is marrying into her family, in contrast to Indian wedding customs where the bride holds the groom's scarf. The bride and groom wear garments decorated with jewelry, and are surrounded by family and guests. The couple's garments are a sign of respect to their parents and parents-in-law, both of whom offer their blessings to the couple. They also pray to the monks for a happy life.
The Khmer people's founding legend centers around an Indian Brahman or prince named Preah Thaong in Khmer, Kaundinya in Sanskrit and Hun-t’ien in Chinese records, who marries the local ruler's daughter, a Naga princess named Nagi Soma (Lieu-Ye in Chinese records), thus establishing the first Cambodian royal dynasty. One day the princess saw the Brahman on a boat and went to speak with him, but was shot by one of his magic arrows which made her fall in love with him. Her father drank all the water that inundated the land and gave the new land to them as a dowry. The Nāga are a pan-Asian mythical race of reptilian beings, who in Cambodia were believed to possess a large empire or kingdom in the Pacific Ocean region. Cambodians today still say that they are "Born from the Naga" See: Sage Kambu Swayambhuva.
There are a related mythology in Khmer culture, retained a history of sabai which can likely to be invent since 1st century of Funan era in Cambodia's history. Preah Thaong and Neang Neak, a legend which shares a common with the founder of Funan era as the two main characters were recognize the similarity to Queen Soma, a first leader of Cambodia and a Brahmin Kaundinya. It discovered with the tales in the scene when Preah Thong clings to a piece of cloth known as sabai worn on the nagini in order to make the journey to the Nāga's kingdom. In that tale, sabai is symbolic of Neang Neak, the naga princess's tail. For instance, there is an important little rite within the marriage ceremony called Preah Thong Taong Sbai Neang Neak, a symbolic representation of the legend as the groom must to hang the bride's sabai, follows to the room for honeymoon.