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Examples of "thebault"
The school has organized three annual running events called "Le Cross". It was started by a physical education professor Nicholas Thebault who excelled in running during his academic career. Students are required to participate in this event.
In 1994 plans for an experimental Hydrofoil prototype was commissioned for Alain Thebault. The first Hydroptère was a trimaran. In the following years four additional evolutions were built. In 2006 "HYDROPTÈRE 5" was launched. This was the first boat to cross the barrier (51 knots speed record set in 2009).
Article XIV of the August 30, 1831 Treaty with the Ottawa granted Hiram Thebault, a half Ottawa, 160 acres around his home on the north bank of the Maumee river at Bear Rapids, and William McNabb, also half Ottawa, an adjacent 160 acre tract. These surveys are in T6N R9E of the First Principal Meridian.
Captain Biceps is a Canadian animated series based on the comic books by Frederic Thebault and Philippe "Zep" Chappuis, available in 78 episodes of 8 minutes each (but has also been broadcast in 26 episodes of 24 minutes, by joining 3 separate episodes into one).
The company represents a merger in 2004 of several midway companies, including part of Conklin Shows, the former Farrow Shows from Jackson, Mississippi, and Thebault-Blomsness (Astro Amusements and All Star Amusements). Later acquisitions were Mid America Shows and part of Cumberland Valley Shows.
Finally, Conklin Shows joined with the former Farrow Shows from Jackson, Mississippi, Thebault-Blomsness (Astro Amusements and All Star Amusements), and former President and CEO of Ticketmaster Group, Frederic Rosen, to form the newly minted North American Midway Entertainment Co. or N.A.M.E. N.A.M.E. Website. This became official in Columbia South Carolina in 2004. In January 2006, N.A.M.E. also acquired Mid America Shows Press Release, and several contracts and rides from Cumberland Valley Shows.
The organisation was founded by Mary Lawlor, former director of the Irish Section of Amnesty International with a US $3 million donation from businessman and philanthropist Denis O'Brien. Front Line Defenders has Special Consultative Status with the Social and Economic Council of the United Nations, and has Observer Status with the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights. In 2006 Front Line Defenders established a European Union office in Brussels. Front Line Defenders received the King Baudouin International Development Prize in 2007. On 3 July 2014 Mary Lawlor was presented with the Order of Chevalier of the Legion of Honour by French Ambassador to Ireland, Mr Jean-Pierre Thebault, on behalf of the French government.