Synonyms for thecotyledon or Related words with thecotyledon

thancurled              ordown              moresevere              onecotyledon              leafmargins              leavesdown              contentcreating              seedabnormally              leavesmargins              leafcurled              plantsleavescurled              areuseful              orcurled              thanfused              completelyuseful              seedto              shrivel              cauline              enations              largerstructure              petiolesthe              chloroses              egdown              upstructure              dwarfing              stipules              notfall              lengthshort              phylloclades              epinasty              isuseful              glaucosity              axil              petalsthe              pedicels              fuseduseful              petiolesuseful              atcurled              shadeare              adaxial              endabsent              abnormallyuseful              narrowornamental              unifoliate              sepalous              theleaf              lesssevere              contentslightly              upcurled              forclone             

Examples of "thecotyledon"