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tscho              scharinger              hentschke              schmeckenbecher              dorfer              rydl              chassat              friedli              juriz              eidenbenz              wohllebe              lebherz              leonhardtconny              moelgg              cospicuo              trinkler              caprano              kocot              protschka              malkk              schwienbacher              sonnek              hallenbarter              poltera              hochmann              karkoff              herszel              bertels              kulcsar              riedo              bartkodaniel              amatriain              giovanoli              christoff              dworzak              balkenhol              schreckenbach              rybaczewski              seebacher              mahlknecht              greindl              lucieer              tschepurnoff              legenstein              wlodarczyk              kostyukevich              pfaler              gstrein              plachta              laipenieks             

Examples of "theissing"
Since 1995, Arkady Shilkloper plays in "Pago Libre" with Austrian violinist Tscho Theissing, Swiss pianist John Wolf Brennan and Austrian bassist Georg Breinschmid (since January 2012, new member on double bass: Tom Götze from Dresden).
Juretzek spent her first six years in Thale, Harz. Her mother was a sculptor, her father a merchant and her great-grandmother was an author and her grandmother a painter. In 1958 the family escaped from the former East Germany (GDR) and moved to Essen. After her A levels in 1971 Juretzek took up her studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Günter Grote. At the same time she studied aesthetics with Heinrich Theissing, Werner Spies and Walter Hofmann. In 1972, she began to study geography at the University of Düsseldorf focussing on physical geography. Her artistic work, painted on Japanese paper since 1991, reflects this interest.
Mitterer is considered to be one of the most important contemporary Austrian composers and a pioneer in the field of electroacoustic music. He currently does a lot of work together with other artists, frequently with international improvisation and jazz musicians such as Wolfgang Puschnig, Wolfgang Reisinger, Linda Sharrock, Klaus Dickbauer, Sainkho Namtchylak, Tscho Theissing, Tom Cora, Ernst Reijseger, Hozan Yamamoto, Roscoe Mitchell, Georg Breinschmid, David Liebman, David Moss, Max Nagl, Achim Tang, Patrick Pulsinger, Christof Kurzmann, Christian Fennesz, Marc Ducret, Franz Koglmann, Louis Sclavis, Harry Pepl and others.
In the dawn of 20 June, covered by fog, the II. corps crossed the Danube branch, arriving undetected in the vicinity of Zsigárd at 5 o'clock am., than Colonel Lajos Asbóth, after waiting in vain 2 hours for the arrival of Görgei (who in the meanwhile discussed with Klapka at the Aszód bridge, about the necessity that the VIII. to start an attack in Csallóköz in the same time of the attack of the II. and III. corps in the Vág valley), fearing that the III. corps who according to the plan, had to advance from the direction of Negyed, will enter alone in the battle, ordered his troops to start the attack. Asbóth's troops occupied Királyrév, and the 49th and 60th battalions Zsigárd, forcing the imperial Pott brigade, to retreat towards Pered. The imperial Theissing brigade tried to reoccupy Királyréve, but the Würtemberg Hussars repelled this attack.
In the meanwhile at 19 June, Haynau ordered to his troops to cross the Danube for the general attack on the southern bank of the Danube against Győr, but in order to hide his plans, ordered to his troops which were still on the northern banks, to repulse the Hungarian attack on the Vág's valley. So the II. corps together with the reserve (IV.) corps to occupy the banks of Vág, making a bridgehead at Sempte. In the same time he sent the Panyutyin division, from Szenc to Diószeg to support the reserve corps. In 18 June the Pott and the Theissing brigades of the II. corps received order to do a reconnaissance-in-force towards Alsószeli, than on 20 Wohlgemuth planned with these two brigades to advance towards Negyed and Királyrév, when the Hungarian attack started. Lieutenant General Ludwig von Wohlgemuth was named the commandment of the Austro-Russian forces which faced Görgei's troops. On 19 April that year Wohlgemuth suffered a severe defeat from the Hungarians in the Battle of Nagysalló, so at 21 June he could repair his former mistake.
From 1980 to 1984 Brennan played in the Mohrenkopf Afro-jazz band, and worked in Impetus and Triumbajo with Ushma Agnes Baumeler and Barni Palm in 1980–82. Between 1982 and 1989 he worked extensively with Urs Leimgruber, and in the 1980s also worked with Corin Curschellas and Christy Doran. In 1988, he worked in New York City for six months, then founded the drumless quartet Pago Libre the following year. Early in the 1990s he worked with Lindsay Cooper, Daniele Patumi and Tscho Theissing in several ensembles and established the SinFONietta ensemble in 1991. In 1993, he worked with American drummer Alex Cline in the quintet Shooting Stars & Traffic Lights. In 1994, Russian hornist Arkady Shilkloper joined Pago Libre, resulting in a string of albums, from "Pago Libre" (1996, re-released 2002) to "Stepping Out" (2006), "platzDADA!" (2008) and "Fake Folk" (2009). In 1997 he lived in London and worked with Julie Tippetts, Evan Parker and Chris Cutler in a sextet called HeXtet, which set poems by Seamus Heaney, Edgar Allan Poe, Theo Dorgan e.a. to music. In 1999 he toured in Finland with Ivo Perelman, and worked with Gianluigi Trovesi, Gianni Coscia and Daniele Patumi in the quartet "Euradici".
The Austrian troops of Wolgemuth were positioned as follows: the Veigl brigade at Bese, the Herzinger brigade at Cseke, the Strastil, Dreyhann brigades of the Jablonowski division and the Theissing brigade at Nagymálas, and the Perin brigade at Köbölkút. In a letter to the high command, written at 16 April at 12 o'clock at midnight reports the number of the Hungarian troops to be 24 000 soldiers, with 48 batteries, among them a 12 font cannon, their purpose being to advance towards Komárom, which shows that he made the reconnaissance of the enemy in a quite good way, having an approximately exact knowledge of their numbers and intentions. In the same letter he writes that he hopes, that they will be slow at the crossing of the river, so he wants to face them before they arrive to Nyitra. Welden wrote him back to attack the Hungarian troops, because the high commander taught that this will rise the spirit of the imperial soldiers and will scare the Hungarians. Welden also heard about the possible intervention of the troops of the Russian Empire on behalf of the Habsburg Empire to crush the Hungarian War of Independence, and that some of the czar's troops even entered in the Habsburg province of Galicia, for any eventuality if the Austrians will be in a hopeless situation. But Welden did not wanted that the Austrians to suffer the shame that they could only defeat the Hungarians with Russian help: "What we can achieve with our own power, its more than the brightest result, which we can achieve with foreign help". This is also one of the causes he was encouraging Wohlgemuth to enter in fight with the Hungarians.
As improvisor, he worked with Chicago bass-clarinetist Gene Coleman in a series of MOMENTUM albums, and with Christy Doran and Patrice Héral in the group Triangulation, where he developed his personal style of "comprovisation", a term he coined in 1989. He also released seven solo piano albums so far, from the first "The Beauty of Fractals" (1989) to "Pictures in a Gallery" (2006) and the award-winning "The Speed of Dark" (2009). Following his album "The Well-Prepared Clavier" (1998), he has developed an extensive array of prepared piano techniques, creating a whole universe of non-electronic sounds, from "arcopiano" to "pizzicatopiano", "tamburopiano" to "sordinopiano". In 2010, he created the sound installation "Inner & Outer Spaces" together with video artist Susanne Hofer for the Lucerne Art Museum, performing live with Gerry Hemingway and Thomas K.J.Mejer. Together with yodel singer Franziska Wigger and brass player Hanspeter Wigger he works in the trio Melos Montis, with pianist Esther Flückiger in the piano duo TwinKeys. In 2010, he launched the ensemble SONIC ROOTS with Andreas Gabriel, Christy Doran, Marcel Oetiker, Heiri Kaenzig and Marc Halbheer. In addition to his work in jazz, Brennan composes for film ("Meditative Moments", 2011, on YouTube) and the art-music world as well, particularly chamber music and songs and pieces for theatre, among them the two operas "Güdelmäntig" (2004) and "Night.Shift" (2007, based on W.H.Auden's poem "The Age of Anxiety". A revamped Pago Libre featuring Arkady Shilkloper, Tscho Theissing and new bassist Tom Götze performed 2012 in Austria and Switzerland. The first volume of his SONIC ROOTS series of books (for piano, inspired by Celtic Country Dances) was premiered at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2010, published by Pan-Verlag, the second and third (for violin) were published in 2011, the fourth (for clarinet) in 2013, the fifth (for alto saxophone) in 2014. In 2012, he started a collaboration with overtone singer Christian Zehnder and Arkady Shilkloper. The same year he recorded "Pilgrims", a new trio album with percussionist Tony Majdalani and guitarist Marco Jencarelli. The Percussion Art Ensemble Berne premiered his new composition "Oscillating Orbits" in 2013, scored for marimba, vibraphone, timpani and various percussion instruments, featuring violinist Misa Stefanovic. In 2015, the NOB Neues Orchester Basel commissioned "Traumpfade", a new piece for orchestra and overtone soloist Christian Zehnder. For the 30-year anniversary of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation he wrote "Winds of May", a new song for soprano and piano, based on Joyce's Chamber Music IX. He also wrote a new hymn for his Swiss hometown Weggis, called "s'Wäggiser Lied" (Text: Markus Wolfisberg & Josef Doppmann).