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natassa              voskopoulos              ioanna              alkistis              kokkinou              irini              natasa              tzeni              giannatsoulia              galani              dimitra              stikoudi              mazonakis              protopsalti              tsaligopoulou              tamta              afroditi              tolis              papadopoulou              konstantopoulou              aggeliki              eirini              stamatis              giota              evangelia              angeliki              vanou              despina              fotini              terzis              antigoni              apostolia              pashalis              mihalis              merkouri              anthi              karezi              tragouda              konstantina              karaindrou              dionisis              korkolis              laskari              hatzigiannis              papatheodorou              giannopoulou              nikolakopoulou              pantelidi              iliadi              dionysis             

Examples of "theodoridou"
Natasa Theodoridou is the first album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou released in June 1997. The album went platinum.
Tosi Agapi Pos Na Hathi is an album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou released in 2002. The album went platinum and is believed to be the best album of Natasa Theodoridou so far, as it hit the charts for more than 6 months, including the largest number of singles by Natasa Theodoridou, that have been released so far., April 2011
Despoina Theodoridou (born 25 May 1978) is a Greek former synchronized swimmer.
Vasiliki "Vicky" Theodoridou (born 27 January 1982) is a Greek handball player who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Ip'Efthini Mou is an album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou. It was released in 2001 and it went platinum.
Defteri Agapi (Second love) is an album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou, released in 1998 by Sony Music Greece. It is one of Natasa's best selling albums. It went platinum, over-passing the number of 80,000 sales. In the album's liner there are notes from Natasa Theodoridou and Yannis Doulamis.
Sarbel started singing at Votanikos club in Athens, at 2008, along with Natassa Theodoridou and Nikos Kourkoulis.
Lili (Julia) Paschalidou-Theodoridou (Greek language: Λιλή Πασχαλίδου-Θεοδωρίδου, Istanbul 1911 – Athens 1975) was a Greek dollmaker.
Mia Diadromi (A way) is an album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou, released in 2003 by Sony Music Greece. The album went gold. It is the first live album by Natasa Theodoridou and it includes recordings from her sold-out live appearances in "Fos" music hall in Athens. This album was followed by a DVD release including the whole concert.
Natassa Theodoridou was married twice. The first time was while she was living in Thessaloniki. Her daughter Christianna was born in 1994. She got a divorce in 1996 and relocated in Athens along with her daughter. Her second marriage was with the plastic surgeon Andreas Foustanos in 1999. She gave birth to her second daughter, Andrianna, in 2000. Theodoridou and Foustanos divorced in 2007.
In 2010, Sonia Theodoridou and her husband, conductor Theodore Orfanidis, created "Orchestra Mobile"—a new type of orchestra equipped with renowned musicians from across Europe who can play in every city literally at once (, Nikos Vatopoulos, Sept.2011). In April 2011, Sonia Theodoridou organised and performed a charity concert in Parnassos Concert Hall in Athens, Greece with Orchestra Mobile. The concert was Stabat Mater by Pergolesi, and it was organized in order to support the victims of the Japanese earthquake that occurred the same year (, April 2011).
Sonia Theodoridou married Greek conductor Theodoros Orfanidis in Crete in August 2011 (, Nikos Vatopoulos, Sept.2011).
Apenanti (Greek: "Απέναντι"; ) is the twelfth studio album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou, released on 12 March 2012 by Sony Music Greece.
Tha Miliso Me Ta Asteria is an album by popular Greek artist Natassa Theodoridou. It was released in 2000 by Sony Music Greece and it went platinum.
During the 1990s and 2000s he worked as a composer with popular singers such as Keti Garbi, Antonis Remos, Natassa Theodoridou, Giannis Ploutarhos and others.
"Ola Na Ta Ziso Ap'Tin Arhi" is a platinum CD single by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou released in October 2002 by Sony Music Greece.
Natassa Theodoridou (), born October 24, 1970 in Thessaloniki, is a well-known Greek singer and the only female Greek artist to have her first three albums achieve platinum status. She has been certified for a total of at least 432 thousand albums and 20 thousand singles sales by IFPI Greece. On 14 March 2010, Alpha TV ranked Theodoridou the 12th best selling female singer in the nation's phonographic era (since 1960), with a total of ten platinum and three gold albums.
Theodoridou was born and raised in Drama. She studied journalism and at the same time she attended guitar and harmony lessons. During her studies she began her singing career in Thessaloniki.
I Zoi Mou Erotas (Greek: "Η Ζωή Μου Έρωτας"; ) is an album by popular Greek artist Natasa Theodoridou, released on November 28, 2010 by Sony Music Greece. All music and lyrics are by Giorgos Moukidis.