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Examples of "thibeault"
The Minister of Energy is the Honourable Glenn Thibeault.
Fabienne Thibeault (16 Jun 1952 Montreal, Quebec) is a French Canadian singer. She is particularly known for her role in Starmania. Thibeault has released numerous albums over her career. She has been the recipient of two Félix Awards.
The name Tebo is a corruption of the French surname of pioneer Taveau or Thibeault.
Thibeault is a surname of French origin, a form of Theobald. People with that name include:
Saint Mary's Huskies (42) - TDs, Thibeault, Currie, Perez, Morrison, Tyler; FGs Bartolucci (2); cons., Bartolucci (4); safety touch (1).
Thibeault supported Gilles Bisson's bid to lead the Ontario New Democratic Party at its 2009 leadership convention.
Thibeault was a Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change from 2015 to 2016.
Thibeault Terrace is also the closest neighbourhood to the campuses of Canadore College and Nipissing University housing many students.
On June 13, 2016, Thibeault replaced Bob Chiarelli as Minister of Energy in a Liberal cabinet shuffle.
By 1978, she had caught the attention of producer Luc Plamondon. He asked Thibeault to join the cast of "Starmania", which he had written with Michel Berger, in the role of Marie-Jeanne. Thibeault toured with the show in Quebec and Europe, then on her own.
Thibeault called on the federal government to regulate interest rates and fees on credit cards and debit cards in March 2009, describing existing rates as "out of control" and a hindrance to consumers and businesses during an economic downturn. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty later announced that his government would launch an education campaign and provide for increased disclosure on credit-card statements, but would not regulate rates. Thibeault described this as "disappointing". On June 18, 2010, Thibeault introduced a private member's bill to cap annual interest rates on credit cards to no more than five per cent above the current Bank of Canada target for overnight rates.
Labelle received 11,073 votes (25.79%), finishing third against New Democratic Party candidate Glenn Thibeault. He has said that he will probably run for Conservatives again.
In December 2004, a large group of lawyers from the Boston-based law firm of Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault joined the Boston office of Proskauer Rose.
Thibeault, as the New Democrat critic for Sport, has been instrumental in raising national awareness about the very serious increase of violence in amateur sport and the ongoing concussion epidemic plaguing amateur hockey. He called for a Royal Commission to study violence in sports in February 2010; his call has been echoed by others, including Jaime Watt, a conservative strategist. In February 2011, Thibeault introduced Bill C-616, calling for a national strategy to reduce the incidence of serious injury in amateur sport.
Due to the steep incline of Algonquin Avenue/Highway 11 as it enters North Bay from the north on Thibeault Hill, the southbound lanes are equipped with the only runaway truck ramp on Ontario's provincial highway system.
In 1978, Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon offered Éric the part of Ziggy in their rock opera "Starmania". The original "Starmania" lineup included Daniel Balavoine, Claude Dubois, Diane Dufresne, France Gall, René Joly, Fabienne Thibeault, and Nanette Workman.
Glenn Thibeault (born October 23, 1969) is a Canadian politician. From 2008 to 2015 he represented the federal electoral district of Sudbury in the Canadian House of Commons as a member of the New Democratic Party.
The name occurs in many spelling variations, including Tybalt (Shakespeare), in French Thibaut, Thibault, Thibeault, Thiébaut (etc.), in Italian as Tebaldo, in Spanish and Portuguese as Teobaldo and in Irish as Tiobóid and in Hungarian Tibold.
Thibeault has been recognised with two Félix Awards. The first in 1979 as Female Performer of the Year, and the second in 1981 for pop LP of the year.
After some time out of Canadian politics, Leblanc joined the Canadian Alliance on 28 August 2000. He campaigned in the Saint-Lambert electoral district during the 2000, but lost to Liberal candidate Yolande Thibeault.