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Examples of "thilo"
Thilo Martinho, by his real name Thilo Herrmann, was born in Kiel in 1960 .
Thilo Martinho (born Thilo Herrmann, 1960 in Kiel/Germany) is a German musician, singer, guitarist, and songwriter.
Thilo Heinzmann
Carl Freedman
Galeria Heinrich Ehrhardt
Guido W. Baudach
In October 1944 Thilo was transferred to Gross-Rosen where he served as camp physician until February 1945. He fled shortly before the camp's liberation. After the war Thilo committed suicide in prison.
Wemhöner is married and has two sons, Thilo (born 1959) and Jens (born 1961).
Knapp was father-in-law to theologian Johann Karl Thilo (1794–1853).
Thilo Heinzmann, Texts by Michael Bracewell and Philipp Ekardt (german/english), Hatje Cantz 2012.
Thilo von Trotha, a post-war conservative politician, served with this regiment in 1914 and 1915.
Thilo Heinzmann (born 1969) is a German painter who lives and works in Berlin.
Their daughter Adele Thilo Marval (3 October 1874 – ) was a talented violinist.
Thilo Versick (born 27 November 1985 in Minden) is a German footballer who plays for SV Rödinghausen.
Thilo Kehrer (born 21 September 1996) is a German footballer who plays as a defender for Schalke 04.
Johann Friedrich Thilo Irmisch (14 January 1816 in Sondershausen – 28 April 1879 in Sondershausen) was a 19th-century German botanist.
Johann Karl Thilo (Langensalza, near Erfurt, 28 November 1794 — Halle 17 May 1853) was a German theologian and biblical scholar.
In 1999, Professor Heinz Kaminski nominated Thilo Elsner as his successor. Thilo Elsner has been at the Observatory since February 1995 and has contributed significantly to the maintenance and reconstruction of the attached radar dome Radome. The radar dome, which is supported by internal pressure, collapsed in October 1999 due to a large rip in the polyester skin. Heinz Kaminski died in 2002.