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Examples of "thimig"
Helene Thimig (1889–1974) was an Austrian stage and film actress. She was the daughter of the actor Hugo Thimig and the sister of Hermann Thimig and Hans Thimig.
Thimig comes from a famous family of actors. His father, Hugo Thimig, was an actor, director and director of the Vienna Burgtheater. His siblings Helene Thimig and Hans Thimig, with whom he trained at the theater and worked together several times in films, were accomplished actors.
Thimig had three children. His first, a daughter, from his marriage to actress Hanna (Guy) Thimig. From his second marriage to actress Vilma Degischer (1911-1992) he also had two daughters.
Clothes Make the Man (German:Kleider machen Leute) is a 1921 Austrian-German silent film based on a novel by Gottfried Keller, directed by Hans Steinhoff and starring Hermann Thimig, Dora Kaiser and Hugo Thimig.
He was twice married. His daughter Henriette Thimig is also an actress.
Thimig is a German surname, principally associated with an Austrian theatrical family:
The youngest son of the Burgtheater actor Hugo Thimig, he performed without any training as a 16-year-old under the pseudomym "Hans Werner" at the Wiener Volkstheater. From 1918 to 1924 he was engaged – under his real name – at the Burgtheater, and then moved to the Theater in der Josefstadt, managed by his future brother-in-law Max Reinhardt. There, besides his father, his sister Helene Thimig and his brother Hermann Thimig also performed, so that the Viennese public used to call it the "Thimig-Theater". He soon began to direct as well, at first in the Theater in der Josefstadt, and later also in the film industry.
Reinhardt opened the Reinhardt School of the Theatre in Hollywood, on Sunset Boulevard. Several notable stars of the day received classical theater training, among them actress Nanette Fabray. In 1940, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States. At that time, he was married to his second wife, actress Helene Thimig, daughter of actor Hugo Thimig.
Hans Emil Thimig, pseudonym: Hans Werner (23 July 1900 in Vienna – 17 February 1991, also in Vienna) was an Austrian actor, film director and stage director.
Peter, Paul and Nanette (German:Peter, Paul und Nanette) is a 1935 German comedy film directed by Erich Engels and starring Hermann Thimig, Hans Junkermann and Hilde Krüger.
Girls to Marry (German:Mädchen zum Heiraten) is a 1932 German romantic comedy film directed by Wilhelm Thiele and starring Renate Müller, Hermann Thimig and Wolf Albach-Retty.
Hermann Thimig (3 October 1890 – 7 July 1982) was an Austrian film actor. He appeared in 102 films between 1916 and 1967.
Hans Thimig died in 1991 in Vienna, aged 90. He left his body to science, but a memorial stands in the Vienna Zentralfriedhof.
Strangers in the Night is a 1944 American thriller film noir directed by Anthony Mann and starring William Terry, Virginia Grey and Helene Thimig.
She also worked extensively as a voice actor and was dubbed over Margaret Rutherford ("Passport to Pimlico"), Françoise Rosay ("Le Joueur") and Helene Thimig ("Decision Before Dawn").
Dance Music (German:Tanzmusik) is a 1935 Austrian drama film directed by Johann Alexander Hübler-Kahla and starring Liane Haid, Gusti Huber and Hermann Thimig.
All for Money (German:Alles für Geld) is a 1923 German silent film directed by Reinhold Schünzel and starring Emil Jannings, Hermann Thimig and Dagny Servaes.
She is played by Helene Thimig in the 1943 movie "The Hitler Gang". In the 2003 miniseries "", she is portrayed by Julie-Ann Hassett.
Hans Thimig remained loyal to the Theater in der Josefstadt until 1942. It was also thanks to him that the theatre survived the National Socialist period relatively "Nazi-free". Thimig saw to it that the director of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, Heinz Hilpert, also took over the running of the Josefstadt Theatre (Reinhardt too had managed both theatres simultaneously). When Max Reinhardt died in American exile in 1943, Hilpert together with the Thimig brothers, despite the Nazi regime, organised a memorial event in the Theater in der Josefstadt.
The cast of thousands also included among the extras: Paul Askonas, Willi Forst, Béla Balázs, Hans Thimig, Franz Herterich and Julius von Szöreghy.