Synonyms for thirumagal or Related words with thirumagal

deiva              ulagam              thalaivan              pudhu              geetham              thaai              paravai              thedi              raasa              manasu              sneham              vendum              neeyum              ninne              ponnu              ullam              inikkum              nachav              koottam              kavithai              ennai              puthiya              mudhal              samsaram              anegan              varai              devudu              velai              kireedam              bhale              mozhi              konjum              mounam              meendum              mogudu              naaku              yaanai              chesina              nalla              manithan              thanga              maathu              kanasu              neeye              njaan              naalai              vayasu              njan              illalu              unakkaga             

Examples of "thirumagal"
R Thirumagal - AGM at Steel Authority of India Limited
Kanaganayakam was married to Thirumagal. They had a daughter (Shankary) and a son (Jegan).
Rama.Thiyagarajan in Rayavaram. Pudukkottai Distt and in Chennai. He also worked for "Thirumagal" magazine in Ramachandrapuram, Pudukkottai Distt.
MGR: 7 movies; Chakravarthi Thirumagal (1957), Mahadhevi (1957), Nadodi Mannan (1958), Arasilangkumari (1961), Thirudadhe (1961), Vikramaadhithan (1962) and Kalai Arasi (1963).
The show starred Jay Nesh, Anand K, Eswari, Nishmen, Mahalakshimi, Thirumagal and Janani Devi among others. The show final episode aired 11 September 2015 at 9:30PM SST.
He came back to Tamil films in 1964 for Thirumagal Films movie "Magale Un Samathu". Since then he began to compose music for both Kannada and Tamil films.
A. S. A. Samy was active till the end of 1960s. His last film as director, Thirumagal, was released in 1971.
Gadam Kishan is an Indian film actor, who has appeared in Tamil language films. He has acted in films including "Deiva Thirumagal" (2011) and "Thirumanam Enum Nikkah" (2014).
The Raja book house is a famous book house located in NSR Road. You can buy or sell books. The Baba stores is also a famous book shop. Some others include Thirumagal traders, etc.
The film opened on 18 January 1957. "Chakravarthi Thirumagal" became a huge success at the box office, highest grosser of the year, and successfully ran for over 150 days in theatres.
Malathi Rangarajan, in her review of "Deiva Thirumagal" (2011) said, "Probably because the scene of action is Ooty, the main character is mentally challenged, and the story-telling sequence with Vikram and the kid is familiar, at times ["Deiva Thirumagal"] reminds you of Balu Mahendra's inimitable "Moondraam Pirai"." Baradwaj Rangan compares a scene in "Barfi!" (2012), where Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) goes after Shruti (Ileana D'Cruz) and stumbles, to that of "Moondram Pirai"'s climax scene. Balu Mahendra's defunct blog is also titled "Moondram Pirai...", named after the film.
"Deiva Thirumagal", a 2011 Tamil film starring Vikram which was earlier titled as "Deiva Magan" was thought to be the remake of this film, however the director denied it by saying the story of both these films are no way connected with each other and eventually the new film's title was changed as "Deiva Thirumagal". Debutant Vetrivendhan initially named his debut directorial as "Deivamagan" though the title was changed as "Aathi Narayana" after pressure from the makers of an old film with the same name.
Film historian Randor Guy wrote "Chakravarthi Thirumagal remembered for the interesting storyline, good music, song and dance sequences and taut on-screen narration. A Song and dance sequence ‘Aaadavaanga annaathey' sung off-screen by Sirkazhi Govindarajan, Jikki and P. Leela, with words such as ‘gummaalu' was a hit. Sohanlal and Thangaraj choreographed the dances by Ragini, E. V. Saroja and G. Sakunthala."
"Thiru" is a word that also means "sacred" or "holy". It is also a Tamil name for the God Mahavishnu, who is called "Thirumaal" (திருமால்), and Goddess Lakshmi, who is called "Thirumagal" (திருமகள்) in Tamil. It is also meant for "wealth", "respect", and "name" in Tamil language.
The film also marked the comeback of child actress Sara Arjun, who had received critical acclaim for her performance in A. L. Vijay's "Deiva Thirumagal" (2011). She earned up to 1 lakh rupees per day for her role in the film. Sundarrajan's son Ashok, also made his debut as an actor with the project.
Chakravarthi Thirumagal () is a Tamil language folklore film starring M. G. Ramachandran, Anjali Devi and S. Varalakshmi in the lead roles. The film, directed by P. Neelakantan, had musical score by G. Ramanathan and was released on 18 January 1957. Box office hit of the year and crossed 100 days in 8 centres.
Other than these, there were two cotton mills running in Gudiyatham. One is Thirumagal Mills Limited and other one is Rajeshwari Mills Limited; but the latter was closed. Cow and Ox market is held near Nellorepet on every Tuesday and it has been so, for more than 100 years.
Vijayakumari was the only Tamil artiste who had the rare talent of transforming herself into the character she did and pronouncing Tamil words perfectly with perfect accuracy. Her acting credits in films include "Kumudam", "Saradha", "Kumgumam", "Santhi", "Aanandhi", "Avan Pithan", "Alli", "Thedi vantha thirumagal", "Pachai Vilakku", "Naanum oru penn", "Paar Magale Paar", "Kaakkum Karangal", "Poleeskaaran Magal", "Kodimalar" and "Aalayamani".
The Govt. Thirumagal Mills college,Gudiyatham was established in the year 1964-65. The college was established with a pre-University course and now it has 6 UG courses and 2 PG courses apart from two certificate courses. Located in the Gudiyattam - Katpadi Road.
The main feature of the temple are the various statues of Mariamman, which surround the outer walls of the temple. These include Nataraja, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Kali, Biramasakthi, Samundi, Thirumagal, Mageswari, Meenadchi, Valambigai, Andal, Kamadchiamman, Karumari-amman, Sivagami and Parvati who has Murugan in her lap.