Synonyms for thlok or Related words with thlok

chrey              kouk              boeng              pongro              samraong              preaek              angk              trapeang              andoung              lvea              thnal              thmei              ruessei              stueng              kaeut              sangkae              khpos              chambak              praek              thnong              kaoh              tnaot              sambour              phnum              tboung              paoy              chrum              tuek              chhuk              kbal              rumduol              veaeng              krasang              krouch              tbaeng              beung              krabei              trabaek              damrei              tumnob              knong              thma              damnak              kraom              slaeng              prampir              kaev              russei              khsach              khvav             

Examples of "thlok"
The legend of Kaundinya is paralleled in modern Khmer folklore, where the foreign prince is known as "Preah Thaong" and the queen as "Neang Neak". In this version of the story, Preah Thaong arrives by sea to an island marked by a giant thlok tree, native to Cambodia. On the island, he finds the home of the nāgas and meets Neang Neak, daughter of the nāga king. He marries her with blessings from her father and returns to the human world. The nāga king drinks the sea around the island and confers the name "Kampuchea Thipdei", which is derived from the Sanskrit ("Kambujādhipati") and may be translated into English as "the lord of Cambodia". In another version, it is stated that Preah Thaong fights Neang Neak.
In 2005, Vietnam and Cambodia signed a supplementary treaty to the original 1985 Treaty on Delimitation of National Boundaries, which Cambodia has deemed unacceptable. As a result, Vietnam has made several claims to Cambodian land based on the treaty that raised allegations of Vietnamese encroachment. In a statement made by a government minister of the former French Indochina colonial administration, Cambodia would have to give up two of its villages to Vietnam in return for keeping two villages that was deemed Cambodian territory according to the 1985 treaty, Thlok Trach and Anlung Chrey. It is not known which two villages Cambodia would have to give up. To resolve the dispute, in 2011, the Cambodian government announced it would speed up the demarcation process with Vietnam. On 24 June 2012, Vietnam and Cambodia celebrated the demarcation of the last marker on their shared border, marker 314. Prime Ministers Nguyen Tan Dung of Vietnam and Hun Sen of Cambodia personally attended the celebration to unveil the new marker and reaffirmed the two countries' cooperation and friendship.