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Examples of "thmei"
Phumi Thmei is the name of several villages in Cambodia:
Address: # 15, Preah Norodom Blvd., Sangkat Phsar Thmei 1, Khan Daun Penh,
Phum Thmei is a khum (commune) of Thma Puok District in Banteay Meanchey Province in north-western Cambodia.
In 1998, the village of Thmei had a population of 1,127 (559 men and 568 women) in 242 households.
The Central market "Phsar Thmei" is a tourist attraction. The four wings of the yellow colored market are teeming with numerous stalls selling gold and silver jewellery, antique coins, clothing, clocks, flowers, food, fabrics and shoes. Phsar Thmei is undergoing under a major renovation, along with the creation of newer stalls.
Sangkom Thmei District is a district located in Preah Vihear Province, in northern Cambodia. According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 13,773.
Kampuchea Thmei Daily is a daily newspaper published in Cambodia. The papers headquarters are in Phnom Penh. The newspaper focuses on business and politics.
Unsurprisingly for an island inside a national park, human settlements are few and population numbers low. Taly Village sits at the south-eastern coast, Chong Thmei Village - the biggest settlement - lies in the North-East and the island's only Bungalow resort in the West. There is a weather station at Chong Thmei. Dirt - or sealed roads and regular motor vehicles do not exist, transport hubs are local boat piers.
The peninsula is separated from the central plains of Cambodia by the Elephant Mountains. The province incorporates the Ream National Park with a size of 210 km that includes the islands of Koh Thmei and Koh Seh.
Travelfish: Koh Thmei is the habitat of many types of interesting wildlife, particularly birds. Over 150 types of birds make their home in the park and a trip to the island offers ample bird-watching opportunities.
The only settlements are small fishing villages, "Alatang" on the south-east corner, "Phumi Koh Kong" on the west coast and "Phumi Thmei" (Khmer for new village) on the eastern coast.
The Teuk Chhou Zoo is a private zoo, located 2.5 km away from the provincial town in Thmei Village in Prey Thom Commune and is home to a variety of animal and plant species.
While Koh Thmei is part of, constitutes and contributes to the local eco-system, literally all sources first highlight the exceptional high number of bird species on the island.
The district is the commercial hub of Phnom Penh, marked by Phsar Thom Thmei with its unique art deco architecture and several major roads which emanate from and pass near the market. The district is subdivided into 11 Sangkats and 134 Kroms.
The French, who were the colonial masters from the 19th century to the 1940s, also left their mark, with various colonial villas, French churches, boulevards, and the Art Deco market Phsar Thom Thmei. A notable landmark of the colonial era is the Hotel Le Royal.
CNN: Located inside Ream National Park, Koh Thmei is home to monkeys, civets, lizards, more than 100 different species of birds and several threatened species, including the fishing cat, a wetland feline than makes its home near streams and mangrove forests.
The island's center is roughly the highest point with two main peaks, separated by a river {Prek Koh Krabei}. The peaks rise to over 100 meters and drain in all directions, lending Koh Thmei the shape of a gentle mountain. The island's moderate elevation enables it to retain enough water for a few little rivers, creeks and estuaries.
Shortly after Ung Huot's appointment, Toan Chhay who had proclaimed himself as the president of the FUNCINPEC at a rival congress in June 1997, jockeyed for control over the party leadership with Nady Tan, another FUNCINPEC leader who remained sympathetic to Ranariddh. In October 1997, FUNCINPEC supporters allied to Nady Tan proposed renaming the party to "Sangkum Thmei", hoping to capitalise on the electorate's popularity with the Sangkum Reastr Niyum, Sihanouk's political party when he was in power. While FUNCINPEC did not adopt a new name, the name "Sangkum Thmei" was adopted by a splinter party, led by Loy Sim Chheang who later left FUNCINPEC by February 1998. At the same time, Ung Huot followed suit, and formed another splinter party known as "Reastr Niyum".
Koh Thmei and neighboring island Koh Seh comprise the eastern third of the Ream National Park, situated in the South-East corner of Prey Nob District, Sihanoukville province. At the narrowest point, due west, the island is a mere 300 meters off the mainland. Yet all transports arrives via the Prek Toek Sap estuary from Koh K'chhang fishing village to the north, a distance of around 3 km. Roughly pentagonal shaped with four sides of similar length, a shorter and rugged fifth side in the South, the inner coastline is dominated by extensive mangrove marshes. Along the sea-facing coast, sizable beaches can be found, littered with shells, the sands of rather coarse composition. Still, due to the unspoiled, pristine state, dense, lush and primeval vegetation, its general remoteness and very sparse population, Koh Thmei is considered one of the most ecologically esteemed Cambodian islands among its visitors.
The camp was originally referred to as "Chumrum Thmei" (New Camp) to distinguish it from its neighbor and rival Mak Mun Camp, which was also known as "Chumrum Chas" (Old Camp). Nong Samet was later renamed 007 "because of its many intrigues" and in August 1980 was christened Rithysen, after a Khmer folk hero "who survived when his brothers and sisters were devoured through the machinations of a cannibal ogress, and who then tricked the ogress’ daughter."