Synonyms for thnal or Related words with thnal

chrey              samraong              trapeang              kouk              preaek              boeng              pongro              tumnob              ruessei              andoung              stueng              praek              chambak              thlok              lvea              thmei              chrum              kaeut              tuek              angk              knong              chhuk              phnum              kakaoh              sangkae              kbal              kaoh              sambour              paoy              khpos              slaeng              khsach              rumduol              tnaot              trabaek              veaeng              beung              thnong              prampir              tbaeng              krasang              sralau              kandaol              phlov              sambuor              damrei              roung              daeum              kaev              tboung             

Examples of "thnal"
Svay Don Kêv is a small town in Moung Ruessei District in Battambang Province, central-western Cambodia. It is connected by river to the Tonle Sap lake in the north. The town is connected to Moung Ruessei several kilometres to the west via the National Highway 5 and railway tracks once connected it to Thnal Bat in the commune of Ruessei Krang.
Neak Leung has grown up at the intersection of several important trade and transport routes. It is located 61 kilometres south east of Phnom Penh on the east bank of the Mekong River. The town straddles National Highway 1, which runs from the capital Phnom Penh to the town of Bavet on the border with Vietnam. National Road 11 begins in Neak Leung and connects the provincial capital at Prey Veng 30 kilometres to the north. This road continues to join National Highway 7 at Thnal Totoung near Kampong Cham town.
Prior to 31 December 2013 when Tboung Khmum Province was formed by royal decree, the district was part of Kampong Cham Province. Ou Reang Ov is easily accessed by road from Kampong Cham or Prey Veng town. Ou Reang Ov is a long narrow district located in southern Tboung Khmum. A large rubber plantation covers the northern part of the district. Ou Reang Ov town lies on National Highway 11 which runs from Neak Leung in Prey Veng province to an intersection with National Highway 7 at Thnal Totoung in Tboung Kmom District.