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Examples of "thodoros"
Thodoros Papadimitriou (Greek: Θεόδωρος Παπαδημητρίου, born 1931) also known as Thodoros (Θόδωρος) is a Greek sculptor with international importance.
Thodoros Kefalopoulos (; 1894–1987) was a Greek actor.
Thodoros Papayiannis (Greek: Θόδωρος Παπαγιάννης) is a Greek sculptor.
... a.k.a. Thodoros and the Double-Barrel Shotgun (International: English title)
Thodoros (Dinos Iliopoulos) and Fofo (Maro Kontou) are a married middle-class couple, stuck in a rut. Thodoros has "invented" an out-of-town friend, Lefterakis, who is conveniently in Athens every time Thodoros wants to have a night out with his mistress.
Several of the architecture works were erected by Thodoros Papadimitriou, a famous sculptor
He was best known for his comic roles (Knyaz in "Taxi, Taxi", Thodoros in "Liar Wanted", Skapen in "Skapen’s Pranks").
Learn How to Read and Write, Son () is a 1981 Greek comedy film directed by Thodoros Maragos and starring Vasilis Diamantopoulos, Nikos Kalogeropoulos, Kostas Tsakonas and Anna Mantzourani.
He has also recorded works by such notable composers as Yorgos Sisilianos, Dimitris Dragatakis, Antiochos Evanghelatos, Dimitri Lialios, Dionysios Lavrangas, Marios Varvoglis, Petros Petridis, Emilios Riadis, Thodoros Antoniou, Mikis Theodorakis, Haris Xanthoudakis, Periklis Koukos, Thodoris Zanas, and many others.
Merikoi to protimoun kryo (Greek: ) translations: Some Like it Cool is a 1963 Greek comedy film directed by Giannis Dalianidis. Lakis (Dinos Iliopoulos), Rena (Rena Vlachopoulou), Eva (Zoi Laskari) and Mary (Chloi Liaskou) are four cousins that were secretly with standards with Lela (Martha Karagianni), Thodoros (Giannis Vogiatzis), Giorgis (Vangelis Voulgaridis) and Kleopa (Kostas Voutsas) archively.
"Pare ta Chnaria Mou" (Greek: Πάρε τα Χνάρια Μου) is a song performed by Stelios Kazantzidis. The lyrics are written by Kostas Virvos (Greek: Κώστας Βίρβος) and music is composed by Thodoros Derveniotis (Greek: Θόδωρος Δερβενιώτης). The English translation of the title is "Follow My Tracks".
Short forms: in English, "Theo", "Ted", "Teddy". In Dutch "Dorus", "Teo", "Theo". In the Scandinavian languages, "Teo" or "Theo". In Russian, "Fedya" (Федя). In Bulgarian, "Toshko" (Тошко) or "Tosho" (Тошо), and "Božo" (Божо). In Greek, "Theodoros" (Θεόδωρος), "Thodoros" (Θόδωρος), "Thodoris" (Θοδωρής), "Thodorakis" (Θοδωράκης) and "Doros" (Δώρος). In Georgian, "Tedo" (თედო).
In the end, it is revealed that Fofo has known about Thodoros' infidelities, and the invention of "Lefterakis" for a while. Fofo has planned the whole thing to teach him a lesson, asking a friend to impersonate "Lefterakis". The couple finally decides to put their differences aside when Fofo announces she's pregnant.
On film and television Rockas is known for her roles in "The Witches" directed by Nicolas Roeg as Henrietta, as Nereida in "Oh Babylon! " directed by Costas Ferris and in Peter Hyams`s Outland as the Maintenance woman; in Greece she has played the lead role, Ms Ortiki in Thodoros Maragos`s television series "Emmones Idees",
Thodoros Maragos (, born in Filiatra) is a Greek film director. His work spans film, TV and documentaries. He is best known for his film "Learn How to Read and Write, Son", a satire on fascism and one of the best anti-Junta films of all time. He has won one award in Thessaloniki Film Festival for his movie "Get on Your Mark".
Over the next couple of days, Thodoros is becoming more and more paranoid, as he first suspects that someone is playing a prank on him, then that he's being blackmailed and, as the fake Lefterakis seems to know a lot of details about him, that he's indeed losing his mind.
Stavros Xarchakos and Nikos Gatsos wrote a song called "Gramma sto Marko Vamvakari" (Letter to Markos Vamvakaris, Greek: Γράμμα στο Μάρκο Βαμβακάρη), sung by George Dalaras and actress Despo Diamantidou. Also, Thodoros Derveniotis and Kostas Virvos wrote "Markos", sung by Kaiti Abavi. Markos Vamvakaris is also mentioned in the following songs:
Lakis had used for marrying his three sisters, before he split up in his own marriage with his loving Lela. In a trip for a bath at the beach. Eva and Mary knew Kleopa and Giorgos in which they fixed up. Even as Rena lived here for 10 years with a secret plan with Thodoros.
with release date the 19th October 1989 and directed by Thodoros Maragos. The title in the English language means obsessive ideas or "idee fixes" in French. The series, which consists of 12 episodes, is a satire about people`s obsession with consumerist values.
Joly Garbi (, 1913 – 9 December 2002) was a Greek actress. She was the wife of the actor Thodoros Moridis for 60 years. She was born in 1913 and died in 9 December 2002. After his death, she became famous in MME and 10 days later, she died alone. She was buried in Marathon with Moridis who was loved in her later years and lived isolated from the lights of journalism in her summer home in Mati. The two died in a nursing home.