Synonyms for thonar or Related words with thonar

heinegard              boudeau              kleeff              kerjaschki              guilak              bellosta              uitto              thogersen              preffer              rueger              vincan              jrgensen              machleidt              lutgens              freytes              jovinge              padera              stergaard              aszodi              fritschy              anrather              sjberg              kewalramani              gravallese              erbel              pruszak              jarvinen              runz              scharfmann              hankenson              oegema              jeske              maecker              scholmerich              verzijl              lafyatis              heikkila              zurakowski              sgroi              wikstrm              willimann              sempowski              dillner              ruegg              greten              wernet              kiechle              borovecki              zielasek              gotze             

Examples of "thonar"
150. Edward DP, Yue BYJT, Sugar J, Thonar EJ-MA, SunderRaj N, Stock EL, Tso MOM. Heterogeneity in macular corneal dystrophy. Arch Ophthalmol. 1988; 106:1579-1583.
167. Edward DP, Thonar EJ-MA, Srinivasan M, Yue BYJT, Tso MOM. Macular dystrophy of the cornea — a systemic disorder of keratan sulfate metabolism. Ophthalmology. 1990; 97:1194-1200.
In the light of comparative evidence from later forms of Germanic paganism, it seems possible that the "Germanic trinity" of Wodan-Tiwaz-Thonar may have had a parallel among the Goths, with Gapt, Teiws and Fairguneis; but this does not imply that Gapt should be assumed to have had the attributes typical of Viking Age Odin.