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angadi              kottaram              kudumba              puthu              varavu              theru              chinthamani              rahasyam              bagavathi              kattu              kaadu              kaattu              mangalya              anandha              singari              puthan              veedhi              raktha              ponnu              kamaladalam              aalayam              thamburan              varam              nadhi              pakshi              swapnangal              thiruvambadi              devalayam              iniyum              kattiya              vaasal              cheriya              nagaram              thilakam              mazha              thaan              sambhavam              njaan              namukku              yaanai              vayal              kalloori              veenai              kizhakku              mahime              haalu              moonnu              pallavur              kottai              enikku             

Examples of "thottam"
Athur Thottam is a village in the Papanasam taluk of Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India.
Thottam Pattu () is a vocal ballad sung just before performing the Theyyam ritual. These are played in Theyyam temples before the commencement of Theyyam Art. Thottam Pattu is invocative. This is a mythological belief that by performing this ritual, the performer will be possessed by divine spirits. Thottam Pattu, the ritualistic songs which accompany the performance elaborate the legends related to the deities. Percussions such as Chenda and Thudi accompany the songs.
Thottam Pattu is ballad sung just before performance of the Theyyam ritual.
Thrikkannamangal has its own Kathakali Museum. Its situated in Thottam Junction. Kathakali is a dance form that originated in Kerala.
Thottam, Manacaud is a small region near by Manacaud,which is a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, India. It located between Kamaleswaram and Manacaud. Irumkulangara Durga Devi Temple is a famous Hindu temple in Thottam, Manacaud, Manacaud P.O, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.
selection-grade municipality and consists of 33 wards. The municipality is sub-divided into five revenue villages – Nadiyambal Puram, Kailasanathapuram, Maharajasamudram, Rengojiyappa Thottam and Pappaveli Palayamkottai.
Taigahahinna, Thalankudah, Thalavai, Thamaraikerni, Thamaravillu, Thambiluvil, Thampaddai, Tampalakamam, Thampalawattai, Thannamunai, Tannipalai, Tembichchiya, Thennamaravadi, Tettativu, Thalayadimadu, Thaddumunai, Thiaveddavan, Thikkodai, Thikkoddaimadu, Thikkoddaimunmari, Thimilatheevu, Thiraymadu, Thirukkaikuda, Thona, Thottam, Thukkuvittan, Thumpalancholai, Thumpankerni, Trincomalee
The soundtrack of the film is composed by Titus Mathew. The album features 4 songs which has been written by Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma, Anto KADAVELIL and Geetha Thottam.
As per the 2001 census, Athur Thottam had a total population of 184 with 90 males and 94 females. The sex ratio was 1044. The literacy rate was 62.18.
Irumkulangara Durga Bhagavathi Temple (Malayalam: ഇരുംകുളങ്ങര ദുര്‍‌ഗ്ഗാദേവി ക്ഷേത്രം) is a Hindu temple in Thottam, Manacaud, Manacaud P.O, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. It is about two kilometres to the southeast of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram city.
P.M. Swamy Colony,Palani Gounder street, Muthukumar Nagar,Marutha kutty gounder layout, Sampath Street, Kalki Street, Ranganna Gounder Street, Chekkan Thottam, Indra Nagar, Kalki Street,Periyar Street ,Nalvar Layout and Kandasamy Street.
"Malwana" Muslim area exist with several sub-areas as well as Raxapana, Vidanagoda, Malwana- Town, Daluggala, Thottam, Pallam,Kandawatta, Burulapitiya, Rajamalwatta, Malwatta, Walgama, Ulahitiwala, Pelangahawatta, Paaluwatta, Yatihena and other areas Yabaraluwa, Mapitigama, Barukanda, Wekanda, Nagahawatta.
Eden Thottam is a 1980 Indian Malayalam film, directed by P Chandrakumar and produced by M. Mani. The film stars Sukumari, Jayabharathi and MG Soman in lead roles. The film had musical score by Shyam.
Further, this temple is located in the centre of No-246 Pandiya Vellalar Thottam,Muthanamptti Pudur - East, Near Surabi college.Earlier, Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar Temple was called as a Tulasi Garden.
The name Anthoor means large village. Due to its large size, it was split into two i.e. Anthoor and Morazha. The hill of Anthoor has been mentioned in many Theyyam folk songs/Thottam Pattu (തോറ്റം പാട്ട്).
Economy is agrarain in context but many people are working in overseas. Also the place have three or four rehabilitation settlements poularily known as colonies. Also plantation given by the govt of kerala during post independednt era to the educated youth to promote agriculture is in this area. Also the small plantation called "chakki thottam" owned by a lady called 'Chakki' was in this area. Chakki thottam was sold of later and now it is owned by different people as agriculture land. Namely Kumplamthanam, Varickani, Chenappady ( Manokumpuzha), Karatillam, Kaniyaraseril etc.
Sports has been at the forefront of the School ever since its establishment. It is noted for its excellent facilities and strong focus on sports such as football and basketball and placing equal importance on academics. The school has often been referred to as the "Karnal Thottam".
The Church of South India has 21 administrative division throughout the world. It has only one of them known as a Diocese in Sri Lanka. The Jaffna Diocese headquarters is in Vaddukoddai. An Amman temple at Sangarathai, a Murugan temples at Adaikalam Thottam and Panguru are three of the main Hindu temples found here.
Thottam, Manacaud is 3 km from the city centre. It located between Kamaleswaram and Manacaud.Privately owned and KSRTC buses plying in the Kovalam route from East Fort pass through Manacaud. A bypass of National Highway 47 passes 1 km to the west of Manacaud. Nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram Central, around 1.5 km away. Nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, around 3 km away.
Scholars have opined that the place name ‘Annur’ is derived from “Ann” (Mahavishnu) the presiding deity of this place, Annur. The historicity of the temple goes back to the days of yore in oral history and also mentioned in the “Thottam Pattu “of various ‘Theyyams ‘of the region as further proof of its antiquity.