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Examples of "thrill_jockey"
The band signed with Thrill Jockey in 2008. On February 6, 2012 they released their ninth album, "Echo Ono," their seventh on Thrill Jockey.
• Gyromancy (collaboration with Rose Lazar on Thrill Jockey,2008)
Thank You "Golden Worry"LP (mix) 2011 Thrill Jockey
This is the discography of the record label Thrill Jockey
All releases on Thrill Jockey Records unless noted.
• Eclipses (collaboration with Rose Lazar on Thrill Jockey, 2010)
David Byrne recorded a cover version of the song "Ex-Guru" for a Thrill Jockey compilation.
Oui is a 2000 album by The Sea and Cake, released on Thrill Jockey.
On January 28, 2014 they released their tenth album, "Innocence" (also on Thrill Jockey).
In April 2011 he released the album "Dorwytch", in April 2012 "Third Mouth" on Thrill Jockey.
The Moonlight Butterfly is a 2011 album by The Sea and Cake, released on Thrill Jockey.
The Golden Age is a 2001 album by Chicago-based rocker Bobby Conn, released by the Thrill Jockey label.
The National Trust's debut album Dekkagar was released on April 9, 2002 by Thrill Jockey Records to generally positive reviews.
The Black Twig Pickers have recorded on labels including Thrill Jockey, VHF Records Beautiful Happiness, Klang and Great Pop Supplement.
Llovessonngs is an EP released by Chicago-based musician Bobby Conn, which was released in 1999 on Thrill Jockey
Ultimate Care II is an experimental electronic music album by Matmos, released on February 19, 2016 on Thrill Jockey.
In 2013, Wrekmeister Harmonies was signed to independent label Thrill Jockey, toured internationally with Grails and headlined in Europe.
After an extended silence, Oval released the EP entitled "Oh" on Thrill Jockey in June 2010. The pre-sale for this album was limited to 1,000 pressings and sold out before it was available to the public. His first album in almost a decade entitled "O" was released on Thrill Jockey September 7, 2010.
On October 6, 2015, it was announced that a new album, called "The Catastrophist", would be released in early 2016 by Thrill Jockey. Additionally, a single from the new album, entitled Gesceap, was released and it is available on YouTube. However, mail order pressings of the album are available through Thrill Jockey as of October 10, 2015.
Good Arrows is the English band Tunng's third album, released in August 2007 on Full Time Hobby in the UK and Thrill Jockey in the U.S. and Canada.