Synonyms for thrippunithara or Related words with thrippunithara

ananthaswami              handenahalli              pimpalghar              halpathota              aagashe              ataikula              chuharr              theertharaman              dhokarikar              dather              nilukada              kuraiyum              tirukkoilur              sreevaru              urkavalan              lohnu              chuphal              sherwadeeh              eriyanto              vannakkudi              gunavantudu              pattabhipuram              kurumbakkavu              reyepara              sondhangal              maruthaaram              polangi              bettadasanapura              saastha              yameshwar              palunkukal              malaramannan              jarakiholi              visalachchi              tarvinder              karnamukteshwar              meegasthenna              puttham              kadarji              shankarapuram              nagulamma              thalageri              thiraivannan              longcao              palampet              poonewa              vijp              jogtiyani              kudappanakkunnu              amrishbhai             

Examples of "thrippunithara"
S.A. Road was earlier known as Thrippunithura Road that was built by Kochi Royal Maramattu (PWD) Department in year 1863 when the capital of Kochi Kingdom was shifted to Thrippunithara. The road was constructed to facilitate the King's annual procession to Ernakulam for attending the Annual Durbar at the Durbar Hall. The original road terminated at Chitoor Road near Valanjambalam from where it connect to Durbar Hall Grounds. Later it was extended to MG Road, when the Britishers constructed in year 1926. A connecting road from MG Road to Foreshore road was built when the latter was opened in the year 1988. In 1962 the stretch from Foreshore Road to Vyttila was renamed as S.A Road as this part came under Corporation of Cochin whereas the remaining stretch went to Thrippunithura Municipality.
Madhavan Nair (Jose Prakash), a lorry driver is loyal and honest to his master Keshava Panicker (Adoor Bhasi). In return, Panicker offers him a lorry, and a house in which to stay along with his family consisting of Lakshmi (Kaviyoor Ponnamma), his wife and two sons. With time, Madhavan Nair turns into a rich businessman who owns several buses, automobile workshops, and trucks. Balachandran (Lalu Alex), his elder son runs his business, while Rajendran (Mohanlal), younger son is of carefree nature, who is also in his final years in college. Rajendran fells in love with Usha (Swapna), Panicker's daughter, while Balachandran is in love with Indu (Menaka), daughter of Varma (M. S Thrippunithara), an old feudal family, who had lost all his wealth with time. With the consent of parents both Rajendran and Balachandran marry their heart throbes. But life turns into more troublesome after the marriage. Both Indu and Usha gets into petty quarrels leading to serious clashes inside the house. Things even went out of hands with both the brothers getting into physical fights in front of the parents. In such a fight between Rajendran and Balan, Madhavan Nair and Lakshmi interferes, but accidentally, the blow hits on Lakshmi's head leading to her death, shocking everyone.