Synonyms for thrush_turdus_philomelos_mistle or Related words with thrush_turdus_philomelos_mistle

thrush_turdus_viscivorus              turdus_ruficollis_dusky_thrush              pilaris_redwing_turdus_iliacus              dark_throated_thrush              thrush_turdus_viscivorus_cisticolas              turdus_ruficollis_fieldfare_turdus              turdus_naumanni_fieldfare_turdus              turdus_iliacus_song              fieldfare_turdus_pilaris_redwing              eurasian_blackbird_turdus_merula              redwing_turdus_iliacus_mistle              sparrow_melospiza_georgiana              ring_ouzel_turdus_torquatus              white_throated_sparrow              sparrow_melospiza_lincolnii_swamp              redwing_turdus_iliacus              sparrow_melospiza_melodia_lincoln              dusky_thrush_turdus_naumanni              eyebrowed_thrush_turdus_obscurus              zonotrichia_albicollis_harris              thrush_turdus_philomelos              fox_sparrow_passerella              turdus_naumanni              merula_fieldfare              fieldfare_turdus_pilaris              cettid_warblers_order_passeriformes              zonotrichia_albicollis              family_cettiidae_cetti_warbler              iliaca              sparrow_ammodramus_nelsoni              seaside_sparrow_ammodramus_maritimus              sparrow_zonotrichia_querula_white              cisticolas              sparrow_melospiza_melodia              ammodramus_leconteii_nelson              cettia_cetti_locustellid_warblers              turdus_iliacus              locustellid_warblers_order_passeriformes              minimus_swainson_thrush_catharus              turdus_pilaris              wood_thrush_hylocichla              mistle_thrush_turdus_viscivorus              swainson_thrush_catharus_ustulatus              family_cettiidae_green_hylia              dunnock_prunella_modularis_thrushes              family_locustellidae_common              veery_catharus_fuscescens              hylia_prasina              mustelina              veery_catharus_fuscescens_gray             

Examples of "thrush_turdus_philomelos_mistle"
Other raptorial birds can become regular prey, such as all other hawks which are recorded especially in North America at locations such as Oregon (8.8% of prey remains) and Arizona. Owls may be hunted regularly across the entire range (maximum being 2.9% in Oregon) and, more rarely, so may the falcons. Rock pigeons may be hunted regularly in some parts of the golden eagle’s range (other pigeons and doves have been recorded as prey but are typically rare in the diet). The common feral pigeon was the second most prevalent prey species in Sierra Espuña Regional Park in Spain, making up 18.8% of a sampling of 99 from 5 nests. The species was also prevalent in Slovakia, making up 7.4% of remains at nests there. Non-corvid passerines are usually ignored as prey but large thrushes such as song thrush ("Turdus philomelos"), mistle thrush ("Turdus viscivorus") and common blackbird ("Turdus merula"), are semi-regularly recorded prey in Europe. This family is most prevalent in Sicily, making up 8.1% of a sampling of 74 from 10 nests there, 7.7% in Central Spain and 7.2% in the French Alps. The smallest-bodied bird family recorded as semi-regular prey are hummingbirds. Meadow pipits ("Anthus pratensis") are the most represented species of small birds and are taken mainly in Scotland, making up to 3.5% of prey in the Inner Hebrides. Other bird families rarely recorded as golden eagle prey (making up less than 1% of prey in all studied nests) include starlings (maximum being 4.8% in the French Alps, negligible elsewhere), larks (maximum is 2.3% in the West-Central Highlands of Scotland), emberizid sparrows (up to 1.7% in central Alaska), woodpeckers (up to 1.5% in Alberta), cuckoos, bustards, icterids, shrikes, skuas, and finches.