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uyilankulam              singpur              siripura              bishanpur              puliyankulam              mankulam              bhurungamari              maggona              karachchi              anguruwella              ambanganga              kaduruwela              galnewa              naguluppalapadu              madakada              hettipola              pallepola              thirukkovil              pimpari              welikanda              katuwana              peddamandadi              talasari              belgachhi              polwatta              labugama              thipparthy              lingampalle              prakashpur              mulatiyana              tiruppuvanam              talode              siyambalanduwa              kathora              radhakantapur              ulpota              dharmpur              godakawela              jadurhati              beerpur              dehiattakandiya              myliddy              buttala              maritimepattu              karegaon              ibrahimpur              pargaon              mallapur              kaukhali              velankulam             

Examples of "thunukkai"
Thunukkai Divisional Secretariat is a Divisional Secretariat of Mullaitivu District, of Northern Province, Sri Lanka.
Thunukkai Divisional Council ( "Tuṇukkāy Piratēca Capai"; TDC) is the local authority for Thunukkai DS Division in northern Sri Lanka. TDC is responsible for providing a variety of local public services including roads, sanitation, drains, housing, libraries, public parks and recreational facilities. It has 9 members elected using the open list proportional representation system.
During the war times he was the General Officer Commanding 22 Division in Trincomalee and Commander for 65 Division in Thunukkai (Kilinochchi).
Thunukkai is a town in the Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka. It is located about 17 km from Mankulam & 4 km from Mallavi.
Mallavi is a town in the Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka. It is located about from Mankulam and from Thunukkai. It has a population of about 5,000 and a crude education and healthcare system.
The 65 Division is a division of the Sri Lanka Army. Established on 15 Dec 2008, the division is currently based in Alankulam near Thunukkai in the Northern Province. The division is a part of Security Forces Headquarters – Kilinochchi and has three brigades and eight battalions. Major General G. R. H. Dias is the current commander of the division.
In 1987 there was a major re-organisation of local government in Sri Lanka. District Development Councils were abolished and replaced by Divisional Councils (Pradeshiya Sabha or Pradesha Sabhai). The "Pradeshiya Sabha Act No. 15 of 1987" was passed by Parliament on 15 April 1987 and on 1 January 1988 257 Divisional Councils started functioning. The Divisional Councils were generally commensurate with their namesake Divisional Secretary's Divisions. Thunukkai Divisional Council was established as the local authority for Thunukkai DS Division. However, according to the pro-LTTE TamilNet, the Sri Lankan government had suspended all local government in the north and east of the country in 1983 using emergency regulations. The civil war prevented elections from being held for TDC until 2011 as the LTTE did not hold elections when it controlled the area.
Tachchankulam, Taddamalai, Taddankulam, Tadduvankoddi, Thaddankulam, Thaiyiddi, Thalaiady, Talaimannar, Thalladi, Thaalvupadu, Thamaraivillu, Thampa Gramam, Thampalai, Thampalakad, Thampanaikkulam, Thampanaikkulam East, Thampattai Muthalikkattu, Thanankilappu, Tanakkankulam, Thaandikkulam, Tanduvan, Thankodai, Tanmakkerni, Thannipavilan Kudiyiruppu, Thanneer Uttu, Thaantalkulam, Tharakundu, Tharanikkulam, Thavadi, Thavalai Iyattalai, Thavasikulam, Thavasiyakulam, Thavasiyur, Thayilan Kudiyiruppu, Thandikkulam, Tellippalai, Thunukkai, Thunnalai, Tharmapuram, Thekilpadantan, Thekkuluthu, Telliyankudiyiruppu, Thennamaravadi, Thenniyankulam, Thaentookki, Thaenudaiyan, Thanakkarukurichchi, Tharmakundu, Thatchchanthoppu, Thattantotam, Thevanpaddi, Thikkam, Thikkoddaimadu, Thimilarmadam, Terankandal, Therumurikandi, Thettakkuli, Thettavadimarutankulam, Tirunelveli East, Tirunelveli West, Tirunelveli, Thiruvadinilayam, Thiruvaiyaru Thottakadu, Tholakaddy, Thondaimanaru, Thoppu, Thullukudi Kudiyiruppu, Thumpalai, Thumpankerni, Thunnalai, Thunavy, Thuvarankerni
Vavunikulam is a village in the Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka, and is located about west of Mankulam. Its actual name is "Bavanikulam". It contains a dam that provides water to paddy fields in the region. It is also located less than from the small towns of Mallavi and Thunukkai. In Tamil "Bavani" refer to Goddess and the second part of the name, "kulam", translates to Lake.
The rejections led to 68 writs being filed at the Court of Appeal (UPFA 35, UNP 9, SLMC 6, Independents 11, other parties 7). On 18 February 2011 the Court of Appeal ordered the Election Commissioner to not hold elections in three divisional councils (Akmeemana, Akuressa and Moneragala). This prompted the Election Commissioner to postpone elections in all 64 local authorities subject to legal action. On 22 February 2011 it was announced that elections in two divisional councils in Mullaitivu District had also been postponed due most of their electors still being held in IDP camps at Menik Farm. On 11 March 2011 the election for Thunukkai Divisional Council in Mullaitivu District was also postponed due to legal reasons. As a consequence elections were held only in 234 local authorities (3 municipal councils, 30 urban councils and 201 divisional councils) on 17 March 2011. Approximately 9.4 million registered electors were eligible to vote to elect 3,032 councillors.
Having completed their mission, the team was on their way back to the army lines when they were spotted by Tamil Tiger units while crossing the Mankulam–Thunukkai road. They came under heavy fire, which injured one of the soldiers in the team. Chandana and the team leader, a Sergeant named Jayakodi, provided covering fire while the rest of the team withdrew, carrying the injured soldier. However, Chandana was severely injured in the firefight and was left unable to move by himself. He insisted that his team leader withdraw with the rest of the team lest he also would get captured or killed, and kept fighting by himself against the Tamil Tiger units which were converging on their position.
The ruling United People's Freedom Alliance contested in 319 of the 322 local authorities, including two under the National Congress (a constituent party of the UPFA) name. In two authorities its nominations had been rejected and consequently it gave its backing to an independent group and the Up-Country People's Front in those authorities. The UPFA did not contest in another authority (Thunukkai DC) so that the Citizen's Front, a very minor political party led by UPFA MP Sri Ranga Jeyaratnam, could contest. The United National Party, the main opposition party, had contested past elections in alliance with smaller parties but these alliances had been plagued by defections to the UPFA. The UNP contested on its own in 317 local authorities. The Democratic National Alliance didn't contest these elections but its main constituent party the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna contested on its own in 293 local authorities. The Tamil National Alliance has formed an alliance with smaller Tamil political parties (Tamil United Liberation Front, People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam and Tamil National Liberation Alliance). It contested under the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi name in 41 local authorities and Tamil United Liberation Front name in two local authorities. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, a constituent party of the UPFA, contested on its own in 59 local authorities and with the UPFA in others. The Up-Country People's Front and Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal, which had contested past elections under the UPFA banner, contested on their own in 22 and 7 local authorities respectively. A number of smaller registered political parties and numerous independent groups also ran.