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Examples of "tiddlywiki"
TiddlyWiki has been used as a Software framework to build specialisations. SocialText uses TiddlyWiki as a part of their unplugged feature.
Zim, Wixi, KeepNote, KJots, Tomboy, Notecase, Gnudiary, Basket, GNote, Tiddlywiki,
TiddlyWiki is free and open source software and is distributed under the terms of the BSD license. The copyright of TiddlyWiki is held in trust by UnaMesa, a Non-profit organization.
An interesting use of Transclusion is found in the single-page application TiddlyWiki,
as a few current commercial tools such as PersonalBrain and Tinderbox and open source tools such as TiddlyWiki.
In addition to containing text, a tiddler can be a plugin with additional JavaScript and CSS to extend TiddlyWiki. As a result, TiddlyWiki is used in a wide variety of adaptations and uses beyond that of a personal wiki. One example is for interactive graph visualization or mind-maps with the plugin TiddlyMap.
A TiddlyWiki opened from a file URI may save changes made back to the original file using one of the following techniques:
You can easily convert pod to other formats for example some of the various Wiki formats: Wiki formats like: WikiWikiWeb, Kwiki, TWiki, UseModWiki, TiddlyWiki, Textile, MediaWiki, MoinMoin or Confluence using Pod::Simple::Wiki.
ANGEL Learning recently contributed source code to the development of the IMS/GLS Common Cartridge Digital Content and to educational wiki development through a source code contribution to TiddlyWiki.
However, computerized note-taking, whether with a word processor, an outliner like Workflowy, or a digital notebook program such as OneNote, Evernote or TiddlyWiki, provides the opportunity to revise easily and add more entries or rows to the outline.
As of early 2011, wiki engines that have implemented full or partial support for Creole include Liferay, Djiki, DokuWiki, Ikiwiki, MoinMoin, Oddmuse, PhpWiki, PmWiki, TiddlyWiki, and XWiki. However, Creole is not necessarily the default syntax in these wiki engines.
For example, the section you're currently reading ("Tiddlers") could be a tiddler. In the TiddlyWiki user interface it would appear as it appears here but as a separate "note" visually distinct from other tiddlers.
Although there are many TiddlyWiki documents on the Web, the majority of TiddlyWikis reside on personal computers or in the cloud, or are exchanged over email, in a manner similar to word processing documents and spreadsheets. It has been suggested that, as a single HTML file, or saved as an HTA file in Microsoft Windows (allowing corporate IE lockdown to be bypassed), TiddlyWiki is useful in corporate environments where red tape or IT resources might prevent the use of a wiki that requires a more complicated installation.
TiddlyWiki introduces the division of content into its "smallest, semantically meaningful, components", referred to as "tiddlers". Each tiddler is stored inside an HTML division that contains the source text and meta data in wiki markup. The purpose with this division is to enable easy re-use of content for different narratives and in different contexts.
AMBIT deploys a novel open-source wiki-based approach to treatment manualization based on TiddlyWiki and TiddlySpace that allows multiple teams to develop their own locally adapted versions of a common core of AMBIT material. Drawing on developments in programming, the authors have described the approach as an "open source approach to therapy".
Software that is specifically designed for running personal wikis includes NotePub, Pimki, Tomboy, WikidPad, and ConnectedText. Other, more general, wiki applications have components geared for individual users, including MoinMoin (which offers a "DesktopEdition") and TiddlyWiki, Wiki on a Stick (a Single-page application with no server required).
TiddlyWiki is an open-source single page application wiki in the form of a single HTML file that includes CSS, JavaScript, and the content. It is designed to be easy to customize and re-shape depending on application. It facilitates re-use of content by dividing it into small pieces called "Tiddlers".
TiddlyWiki is designed for customization and to be shaped according to users' specific needs, perhaps comparable to a high-end programming language. As such, it can be shaped into a wide and arbitrary range of special applications. Examples include niche note taking applications, to-do lists, presentations, collections, authoring tools, personal databases, recipe collections, etc.
Lisi is an early practitioner of open notebook science. Lisi created his "personal wiki notebook in theoretical physics" – the Deferential Geometry website – by using TiddlyWiki and jsMath. Lisi uses this wiki to organize his research notes in theoretical physics, referring to this as "open source physics."
Similar wiki-style programs are Zim (based on GTK+ and Python), Wixi (based on Python and GTK+), KeepNote (based on Python and GTK+), Notecase (based on GTK+), BasKet (based on Qt), Gnudiary (also based on Qt), Tomboy (GTK+, based on Mono), Gnote (Tomboy port to C++) and Tiddlywiki (self-modifying, single-HTML contained personal wiki, written in JavaScript and expandable with plugins). Also Treeline, an advanced outliner written in Python and personal database available for Linux and Microsoft Windows, has similar functions.