Synonyms for tijnje or Related words with tijnje

mierden              kollumerzwaag              zwaagwesteinde              broeksterwoude              sintjohannesga              molenaarsgraaf              garrelsweer              oostwoud              weteringbrug              scharnegoutum              westergeest              lutjewinkel              grootschermer              obbicht              nijetrijne              siegerswoude              kockengen              wommels              hurdegaryp              heistraat              meliskerke              ijsselham              holwierde              gelselaar              damwoude              kadoelen              leerbroek              vegelinsoord              westerblokker              strijensas              schagerbrug              oeffelt              tjerkwerd              buitenkaag              augustinusga              oppenhuizen              scharsterbrug              wadenoijen              uffelte              rietmolen              hulsel              blauwhuis              voorstonden              westerlee              drieborg              vinderhoute              middeleeuwse              leuvenheim              korendijk              rinsumageest             

Examples of "tijnje"
Boezemmolen is a smock mill in Tijnje, Friesland, Netherlands which was built in 1856 and dismantled in 1911. Formerly converted to residential use, the mill is under restoration. It is listed as a Rijksmonument.
At the beginning of the 20th century, when the first freeways appeared, and plans were made for the freeway A7 to be laid through this town, Terwispel split up into Tijnje and Terwispel as it now remains.
Tijnje () is a village consisting of about 1500 inhabitants in the municipality of Opsterland in the east of Friesland, the Netherlands. There are two windmills in the village, Boezemmolen and De Deelen. The latter is a tjasker.
Terwispel is a village consisting of about 1000 inhabitants in the municipality of Opsterland in the east of Friesland , the Netherlands. Its neighbouring villages are Tijnje/De Tynje (west), Nij Beets (north-west), Beetsterzwaag/Beetstersweach (north), Lippenhuizen/Lippenhúzen (south-east), Gorredijk/De Gordyk (South), Langezwaag/Langsweagen (south-west) and Luxwoude/Lúkswâld (also south-west).
The paaltjasker was built in 1973 by R.W. Dijksma as the fifth in a 'new' series of post-war tjaskers and placed in nature reserve De Deelen, east of Tijnje. The mill is owned by Staatsbosbeheer and can be used to pump water into the nature reserve. The four symmetrical Common sails have a span of and are covered by wooden slats instead of sail cloth.
In the 11th century Terwispel was founded as a colony for peat digging in the woods of South-east Fryslân. This was essential to the economy of most of The Netherlands as dried peat called turf was the most common fuel. However, as the diggers turned further east into Drenthe, Terwispel lost her prosperity. At that time Terwispel was much larger than it is nowadays, for also present day neighbouring village Tijnje was part of the Terwispel community.