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tok              tokk              lik              ruk              nuk              fik              nji              kae              yay              hij              kuu              keu              yah              tak              edhe              anj              ije              rak              keo              kry              janggut              yia              euy              tuh              wuh              zit              jik              fkj              fambul              zik              yik              davno              kig              kte              yok              daj              mazi              dashuria              vjen              xok              pnek              iki              kua              knhom              minu              gek              tuu              gub              kus              hjh             

Examples of "tik"
Song – Assaya Gone Tik Tik Tik I: Singer – Latha Walpola & Geetha
Song – Assaya Gone Tik Tik Tik II: Singer – Latha Walpola & Geetha
In some ways the manananggal resembles the tik-tik, a type of aswang that takes the form of a black bird which makes a "tik-tik-tik" sound. It has a long proboscis that reaches through the roof and sucks the fetus inside the womb of pregnant women.
The yellow rail are very elusive and seldom seen. They generally call at night resembling the sound of two stones being clicked together ""tik-tik tik-tik-tik"" in repetition. When approached, they are more likely to rely on camouflage and escaping on foot through dense vegetation, rather than flushing. Their numbers have declined in recent years due to loss of habitat.
During the courtship displays, the male makes a rapid "tik-tik tik-tik tik-tik" sound with his wings. The sound is produced both during the shuttle display, at each end of the side-to-side flight. Also, the sound is made during dive displays. A second, rather faint, repeated whining sound is sometimes produced with the outer tail-feathers during the dive, as the male flies over the female, spreading and shutting the tail as he does so.
In March 2016, Shakti Soundar Rajan announced his plans to make a sequel of the film in the future. He later began a different film featuring Ravi in the lead role titled "Tik Tik Tik".
TIK-301 was in phase II clinical trials in 2002. In 2004, TIK-301 was designated an orphan drug by the FDA. In 2005, TIK-301 was expected to go into phase III trials.
Tik Tik Tik is an upcoming Indian Tamil space thriller film written and directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan. The film features Jayam Ravi, Aaron Aziz and Nivetha Pethuraj in the lead roles. The venture began production in October 2016.
Tik! Tik! Tik! is a 1981 Indian Tamil-language crime-mystery film directed by P. Bharathiraja for producer Prakash R.C, starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role supported by Madhavi, Swapna and Radha.
The film was remade in Hindi as "Karishma" in 1984, with Kamal Haasan repeating the same role and Reena Roy replacing Madhavi. It was also dubbed into Telugu as "Tik Tik Tik".
Ting eventually learns of Tik's background after cooperating with him for some time. He is also shocked to discover that Tik is actually the mastermind behind Hui's assassination. Ting enters a dilemma on whether to kill Tik. He intends to kill Tik to avenge his friend and prevent the Japanese from taking over Shanghai. However, he is also hesitant when he sees that Yin-yin truly loves Tik and when he feels that he does not want to lose Tik as a business partner. Eventually, Ting decides to turn against Tik to uphold justice and his decision will stir up big trouble in Shanghai.
Radha started her career in 1981 starring as the protagonist in director Bharathiraja's Alaigal Oivathillai alongside debutant Karthik. The movie was a runaway hit and is regarded as a cult classic. The on-screen chemistry that she shared with Karthik was highly successful and led to many movies like Pakkathu Veetu Roja, Valibamey Vaa Vaa and Ilanjodigal. In the same year Radha played a small role in the movie Tik Tik Tik which also starred Kamal Haasan. "Tik Tik Tik" played a significant role in her career. Later she starred alongside Kamal Hassan in movies like Oru Kaidhiyin Diary, Thoongadhey Thambi Thoongadhey, Kadhal Parisu and Jappanil Kalyanaraman.
A guide to English pronunciation for Welsh speakers published in 1861 gives the alternative pronunciations "sel´tik, kel´tik" for the adjective "Celtic".
The tik-tik may be related to the Indonesian Kuntilanak, a vampire bird that makes a "ke-ke-ke" sound as it flies.
Later Baum published "Tik-Tok and the Nome King," a short tale in his "Little Wizard Stories of Oz" series (1914). In this story, the Nome King, angered by Tik-Tok's calling him a "fat nome", smashes him to pieces. Kaliko secretly reassembled Tik-Tok, but does not tell his master. Ruggedo then mistook the rebuilt Tik-Tok for a ghost. Ever after, he was colored whitish-grey in color plates, apparently a mistake.
"The Tik-Tok Man of Oz" was a stage musical loosely adapted from "Ozma of Oz"; and the play was adapted back into a novel called "Tik-Tok of Oz" (1914). Although Tik-Tok is a major character in that latter book, he in no way drives the plot. Tik-Tok also appears in most other Oz novels as a notable inhabitant of the Emerald City, most prominently in "The Scalawagons of Oz", in which he operates the production of the Scalawagons.
In South Africa methamphetamine is called "tik" or "tik-tik"."Known locally as "tik," the drug was virtually unknown as late as 2003. Now, it is the city's main drug of abuse, even when alcohol is included. " Children as young as eight are abusing the substance, smoking it in crude glass vials made from light bulbs. Since methamphetamine is easy to produce, the substance is manufactured locally in staggering quantities.
Speaking with "Metalholic", bassist Doris Yeh compared the production of "Bú-Tik" to that of "Takasago Army", stating, "The music production of "Bú-Tik" is very close to "Takasago Army" which we are quite satisfied with it. The structures of songs of "Bú-Tik" are a little bit different from "Takasago Army". Songs of "Bú-Tik" are more fluent, smooth, and natural." Commenting on the song writing process for "Bú-Tik", vocalist Freddy Lim told "Sonic Shocks", "I think the band especially the song writing process has become more natural, it’s much easier for me and Jesse to find the right balance for taking our souls and finding the right inspiration to music."
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