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Examples of "timestorm"
Kron Stone appears in the "Timestorm 2009–2099" as the alternate Marvel 2099 reality version of Scorpion.
During the 2014 "Spider-Verse" storyline, the Timestorm version of Spider-Man 2099 was killed by Morlun.
Miguel received his powers in an accident caused by the Timestorm. At the time, he was attending a class on biological re-engineering in which he and his classmates were altering the genetic code of various bugs. When the Timestorm happened, his DNA was mixed with that of the spider he was working on. His powers are extremely similar to those of Peter Parker's, including a spider-sense, with the exception of Miguel's organic webbing, that is shot from the top of his hand. As opposed to the original incarnation of Miguel O'Hara, the Timestorm version does not appear to have razor sharp "talons" on his hands and feet.
Meanstreak appears as an X-Man in the Timestorm 2009-2099 miniseries. This iteration retains the same powers, however is portrayed as a young girl.
Junkpile appears as an X-Man in the Timestorm 2009-2099 miniseries. In this version he appears as a sentient self-regenerating piece of Stark Technology.
TimeStorm is an EU funded mutlidisciplinary projected aimed at understanding the synergistic interactions between humans and robots through the sense of time. Rhodes' is building a neurocomputational model of human time perception with Dr. Warrick Roseboom and Prof. Anil Seth.
In June 2009, a mini-series called "Timestorm 2009–2099" brought back Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, the X-Men, and more from the 2099 universe in a very different version.
In 2009 Marvel produced a miniseries event, "Timestorm," crossing the current Marvel Universe with yet another alternate reality version of 2099. The Spider-Man 2099 of this reality is a teenager.
A version of the character later appeared in the pages of "Exiles", with a further re-imagining of the character as a pack of feral gamma-powered creatures appearing in "Timestorm 2009–2099".
In "Timestorm 2009–2099" Shakti is a mutant teenager whose hair resembles an exposed brain. She now has the power to reveal someone's history, both past and future, through touch.
"Timestorm 2009–2099" is a four-issue mini-series, with two one-shots to give the story extra depth. These two one-shots focus on Spider-Man and Wolverine, with art by Wes Craig and Frazer Irving, respectively.
The character and setting were reimagined for the "Timestorm 2009–2099" four-issue limited series published from April to August 2009. Although bearing the Spider-Man 2099 moniker, it is a different version of the character.
Escaping from a group of cops in her Cosmic Motorcycle, Patty went to a rooftop. Suddenly, her bike detected a timestorm and initiated an emergency chronal-evac, transporting her to the year 3011.
In 2014 he would receive a new ongoing series and become involved in the "Spider-Verse" event, along with numerous other alternate reality Spider-Men. Notably the Spider-Men 2099s of the "Exiles" and "Timestorm" series are killed during this event.
In "Timestorm 2009-2099", the Hulk of 2099 is not just a singular individual, but an entire species of mutant creatures that were created when a gamma bomb was dropped on Washington, D.C., mutating all residents there and reducing the city to a desert wasteland.
This version of the Fantastic Four reappeared in the Volume II story arc 'Timestorm', summoned by the Watcher to persuade the man who would become Kang/Immortus not to become a threat. Sue, along with the other members of this alternate Fantastic Four, are killed by Immortus.
Krystalin appears as an X-Man in the Timestorm 2009-2099 miniseries. She appears much like her normal 2099 imprint self, but it is stated that her crystals are made of the copious pollutants in the air, rather than basic minerals.
Timestorm 2009–2099 is a 2009 Marvel Comics limited series. It was written by Brian Reed with pencils by Eric Battle. The series is a crossover between the mainstream Marvel Universe and a universe very similar to, but with notable differences from, the Marvel 2099 universe.
Victor Von Doom appears in the Timestorm mini-series that returns to the 2099 universe. In this mini-series he is an aged version of his original universe self that has sustained the world from disaster and has pulled the 2009 versions of Spider-Man and Wolverine into 2099 as his life is nearing an end.
In the 2009 miniseries "Timestorm 2009–2099", O'Hara is younger than in his original version. His father is a scientist at Alchemax and Miguel himself is a high school student attending the Pym Academy. Miguel lives with his father with no siblings, as opposed to the original incarnation in which he lives with his mother and brother Gabriel.