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Examples of "tirailleurs"
In 1921, the differentiation operated between the Algerian and Tunisian Tirailleurs: there was no 4th Algerian Tirailleurs Regiment, nor 8th Tunisian Tirailleurs Regiment (), nor 12th Tunisian Tirailleurs Regiment (), nor 16th Tunisian Tirailleurs Regiment (), the numbering multiplied by four being consequently attributed to the Tunisian Tirailleurs, the other numbering accordingly being designated to the Algerian Tirailleurs.
The employment of Vietnamese auxiliaries on a regular basis was pioneered in Cochinchina, where the French formed a regiment of Annamese riflemen in 1879 (variously referred to as "tirailleurs annamites", "tirailleurs saigonais" or "tirailleurs cochinchinois").
Regiments were recruited from the regions of French Indochina: Annam, Tonkin, and Cambodia. The regiments were named after the territory in which they were recruited. Thus "tirailleurs Annamites", "tirailleurs Tonkinois" and "tirailleurs Cambodgiens".
The 1st Tirailleurs Regiment () was recreated on May 21, 1994; the 4th company kept the memory of the 4th Tunisian Tirailleurs Regiment conserving the respective traditions.
Before and during World War II (1939–45), tirailleurs were recruited from the Maghreb (Algerian, Moroccans, and Tunisians), from French West Africa and Madagascar ("tirailleurs Malgaches").
As the remaining French African territories became independent in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the tirailleurs were discharged, usually to join their new national armies. In 1964, the 7th Regiment of Tirailleurs, formed in 1913 as the 7e Régiment de tirailleurs Algériens was redesigned the 170e Régiment d'Infanterie. The various "Tirailleurs Indochinois" regiments were dispersed by the Japanese coup of 10 March 1945 and were not reformed.
9e régiment de tirailleurs algériens (Algerian native infantry regiment)
6e régiment de tirailleurs algériens (Algerian native infantry regiment)
7e régiment de tirailleurs marocains (Moroccan native infantry regiment)
1er régiment de tirailleurs algériens (Algerian native infantry regiment)
4e régiment de tirailleurs tunisiens (Tunisian native infantry regiment)
The first tirailleurs employed in French North Africa were a metropolitan light infantry unit — the "1er bataillon de tirailleurs de Vincennes" which disembarked in Algiers in early 1840. This unit subsequently became the "chasseurs d'Orléans" but the title of tirailleurs was allocated the next year to newly raised regiments of indigenous Algerian infantry recruited from the Arab and Berber communities.
Among the 17 French regiments that won the "Fourragère" in the colors of the "Légion d'honneur" (at least six citations in Army Orders), nine of them were from the Army of Africa including four regiments of North African Tirailleurs (2nd, 4th, 7th Tirailleurs and 4th Zouaves and Tirailleurs).
Two regiments of Tirailleurs Chasseurs were formed at the same time as the Tirailleurs Grenadiers, and were also included in the Young Guard. For the 1812 Campaign in Russia these were expanded to six regiments. Both became "5e & 6 Regiments de Tirailleurs de la Garde Impériale" in 1811.
First raised in 1841 as battalions of "tirailleurs indigenes", the locally recruited Algerian infantry were organised into three regiments of Algerian Tirailleurs by a decree dated 10 October 1855. The number of such units fluctuated over the next hundred years until in the early 1960s eight regiments of tirailleurs plus a number of independent battalions remained in French service
3e régiment de tirailleurs marocains (Moroccan native infantry regiment)
Company of Tirailleurs (lit. sharpshooters) of the Meuse
France made extensive use of tirailleurs in its colonial campaigns. The most numerous of these, after the "tirailleurs algériens" noted above, were the "tirailleurs sénégalais" (who were recruited from all of the French possessions in West and Central Africa). Both played an important role in the occupation of Morocco (1908–14) as well as in the Rif War of the 1920s.
2e régiment de tirailleurs algériens (Algerian native infantry regiment)
15e régiment de tirailleurs sénégalais (African native infantry regiment)