Synonyms for tisti or Related words with tisti

kajti              radyans              afirika              zhyvy              ukrayino              yuganda              htjela              njega              alitis              schast              niebie              oeng              trudom              volja              jedli              opponendo              svaki              videli              ulstai              derzhavo              rareru              pripev              ukrayins              nekaj              brattja              niech              nebesih              hamtran              kowakunai              zaborav              duwm              vahay              jedno              owiny              znayu              pjevaj              temen              dovessi              pobjede              treba              pravima              nisam              vikiv              jesuo              postu              tebi              saseru              kiingereza              dorogu              svetu             

Examples of "tisti"
Hannah was asked to represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2013. Before that, together with Sylvain and Mike Vale, she took part in the Slovenian national final for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Ti si tisti". It did not win the contest, but became a national hit. She was internally selected between several other singers/songs to represent Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö with the song "Straight Into Love". Although she did not qualify to the final, the song, an EDM track, was remixed by DJ/producer Denis Goldin released on Lovenest Records and also deep house DJ duo, WD2N. Currently Hannah is working with WD2N on a project in that genre. Mancini co-wrote the Slovene entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, "Spet/Round and Round", performed by Tinkara Kovač. That song did manage to get through to the final and placed 25th out of 26 countries.