Synonyms for titulated or Related words with titulated

gleifheim              agellio              swibert              witlatschil              lukaspassion              andalusier              lievi              focarelli              kriminalrat              biberegg              ciarlantini              amoudruz              leuchsenring              frigeni              sottotenente              koepsch              troncarelli              autorio              autunnali              sermattei              valsangiacomo              giambonini              humanistischen              graflund              attolico              insigni              greifenclau              reichsritter              sergente              bordogna              ciaranfi              wasserhund              vollraths              tragicomica              rittermann              trauten              gillhausen              falvetti              prignani              bettac              comande              verdisio              gebelhoff              wehnde              ferlendis              liebhabers              kalwang              emotionen              drammatiche              lagreze             

Examples of "titulated"
In 1691 Antonino Polara Tomasi Rosso, grandson of Vincenzo, was the first Baron of Baucina and Concadaini and was the noble titulated ancestor of the family.
Franz Artur Viehböck (born August 24, 1960 in Vienna) is an Austrian electrical engineer, and was Austria's first cosmonaut. He was titulated "„Austronaut“" by his country's media. He visited the Mir space station in 1991 aboard Soyuz TM-13, returning aboard Soyuz TM-12 after spending just over a week in space.
The queens acquisitions occupied an area roughly defined by present-day Bredgade, Frederiksgade, Amaliegade and Sankt Annæ Plads. Work on the garden began in 1664 and from 1666 to 1667 the Frenchman Michel le Roy was responsible for its design, particularly that of the fountains and the water system. The pleasure palace was built from 1669 to 1673 after Sophie Amalie had succeeded in providing the necessary means in spite of the hard times following the war. It is unclear who was the architect of the building but it is generally attributed to Albertus Mathiesen. Another possibility is that le Roy was also involved in the design of the palace and not only the gardens. In early documents he is referred to merely as "Ingenieur", while he is later titulated "Baumeister der Koniginn".
On December 21, 2015, Happy Face Entertainment release a teaser image featuring the release date of the upcoming album, and confirming the title of the EP to be "Naturalness". On December 24 were released two teaser images featuring members Serri and Woohee, meanwhile on December 25 images of members Ayoung and Subin were released. On December 28 it was released the full track list on their official Twitter account. On December 29 and 30, 2015, were released two teasers of the music video for the title track, titulated "Someone Like You". On January 3, 2016, a highlight medley of the EP was released online. On January 4 the music video was released and on January 5 the EP was released on South Korean music sites and on iTunes for the global market.