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kanashimi              koibito              inochi              tsukiyo              tenshi              kiseki              namida              kajitsu              chikai              otona              hajimete              hanayome              yakusoku              kimochi              tasogare              mayonaka              unmei              kamisama              rakuen              tonari              hanazakari              shiawase              kakera              bokutachi              himitsu              hajimari              jikan              bokura              onnatachi              naisho              omoi              kaze              tsuioku              okite              komoriuta              shinjitsu              kioku              maboroshi              natsu              itoshi              hoshizora              negai              kimitachi              okurimono              hitori              watashi              yukue              taiyou              omoide              hitotsu             

Examples of "tobira"
BGM: "Stargazer ~Hoshi no Tobira~" by Satori Negishi
扉の向こうへ "(Tobira no Mukō e)" - January 28, 2004
The binomial qualifier "tobira" derives from the Japanese name for the plant.

1994: Kasensho (Brush of a Flower Fan) / Tobira no Kochira (The Door Over Here) / A Million Dreams (London)
Tsukaji co-starred with the comedy duo Hokuyō, who shared the same agency, in "Haneru no Tobira".
Cenicriviroc (INN, code names TAK-652, TBR-652) is an experimental drug candidate for the treatment of HIV infection. It is being developed by Takeda and Tobira Therapeutics.
"Stargazer Hoshi no Tobira" is the debut single released by Satori Negishi. The song was used as the ending theme for .
Umino has also illustrated "Tobira o Akete" and the "Glass Heart" series, including "Boukensha-tachi", "Netsu no Shiro" and "Love Way."
Other Cinnamoroll videos include "Zēnbu! Cinnamon", "Cinnamon no Himitsu no Tobira", "ABCinnamon Eigo de Asobo!" and titles in the Sanrio Pokoapoko series.
Then Matt writes the song "Tobira~door", to give her courage and support, and tells, that he'll be there for her, no matter what happens.
"Honoh no Tobira" is the 4th single released by FictionJunction Yuuka. The song was used as the insert song for Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny in phase 40.
Tobira Album is J-Pop singer Rie fu's third album, released in 2007. It reached #34 on the Oricon Albums Chart.
Toki no Tobira is the second studio album by Japanese rock band Wands. The album includes 3 previously released singles, Toki no Tobira (the title of album was named after a single), Motto Tsuyoku Kimi wo Dakishimetara and Sekaijuu no Dare yori Kitto. The album was released on April 17, 1993 under B-Gram Records label. It reached #1 on the Oricon charts for its first week with 410,930 sold copies. It charted for 33 weeks and sold 1,626,350 copies.
shinglewood ("Thuja plicata") and the shrubs lavender ("Lavandula spica"), barberry ("Berberis vulgaris"), glossy abelia ("Abelia × grandiflora"), pittosporum ("Pittosporum tobira"), cherry laurel ("Laurocerasus officinalis"), Chinese photinia ("Photinia serratifolia"), strawberry tree ("Arbutus unedo"),
Show Uesugi, vocalist of pop-rock band Wands covered "Kono Mama Kimi dake wo Ubaisaritai" in their 2nd studio album, Toki no Tobira. Zard covered "Hitomi Sorasanaide" in their 6th studio album Forever You.
Its soundtrack, composed by Ken Nakagawa and Daisuke Achiwa, was released May 18, 2005 in Japan by TEAM Entertainment. The opening song is "Eternal Story" by Haruka Shimotsuki, and the ending song is ""Tachidachi no Tobira"" ("Door of Departure") by Mami Horie.
The album is set out in a unique way, with ten "proper" tracks and three short interludes (entitled Tobira 1, 2 and 3). The album also features a distinctive cover of Sun Is Shining, which was originally written and performed by Bob Marley.
The natural vegetation is evergreen broadleaf laurel forest, with members of the oak family "(Castanopsis cuspidata", "Quercus acuta", and "Quercus myrsinifolia)" and laurel family "(Persea thunbergii," "Cinnamomum camphora", and others) prominent. Other trees and shrubs include "Carpinus laxiflora, Elaeocarpus, Neolitsea, Daphniphyllum macropodum, Ilex integra, Hedera, Eurya japonica, Pittosporum tobira," and "Viburnum awabuki".
The "Hanerutchi" features characters from the Japanese show "Haneru No Tobira" ("You Knock On The Jumping Door") and a small number of Tamagotchi characters. It debuted in two colors with identical designs (white with green or red stripe and black), and a limited-edition metallic white with blue stripe was later released. It is similar to Keitai Tamagotchi with different characters.
The song was first covered in 2014 by Japanese girl-group Jewerly in their single "Superstar" as coupling song in Korean language. In 2008, Aiuchi Rina and U-ka Saegusa in dB cover this song in their single "100 Mono no Tobira"". In 2015, the Japanese pop girl group La PomPon covered the song as the 41st opening theme song of "Detective Conan".