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Examples of "toboggans"
In North America, it is traditional to have a split-pea soup with ham meal, and slide down either snow-covered or iced tracks, often on toboggans.
Modern recreational toboggans are typically manufactured from wood or plastic. Larger, more rugged models are made for commercial or rescue use.
The traditional activities of the people of Patuanak can be seen on all sides during visitations, such as moose hide tanning, beadwork of various sorts and birch toboggans.
"Buffalo Hill" has always been a favorite spot for winter sports enthusiasts to use their sleds and toboggans. By January, 1917, sledding and skiing were favorite pastimes and the hill was called "The Little Alps".
There are four types of sleds commonly used today: runner sleds, toboggans, disks, tubes and backcountry sleds. Each type has advantages and disadvantages if one is trying to get the most out of a given slope.
The boater may also be seen worn by the "carreiros" of Madeira, the drivers of the traditional wicker toboggans carrying visitors from the parish church at Monte (Funchal) down towards Funchal centre.
The Monterreal ski center has two runs. The main slope has a run of 230 m (754.6 ft). A separate 45 m long slope was specially designed for beginners and toboggans.
Sandboards and toboggans are available for hire from the onsite office, a stunning building designed by internationally acclaimed architect, Max Pritchard, and Winner of the 2015 Master Builders National Environment and Energy Efficiency Commercial Building Award.
There are one and two piece toboggans. The latter is divisible so it can be carried on a backpack. The bars can be removed to carry the basket in a vehicle or on ski lifts and snowcats.
In summer, toboggans can be used as an alternative to stretchers when on rough terrain. For longer distances on trails or other grounds, a centrally-placed wheeled axle carries a large proportion of the patient's weight.
In recent years the resort has made an effort to increase the number of services it offers, including expanding the Mirlo Blanco recreation zone, which now has an ice rink, toboggans, ski-bikes, mini-skis and a track for wheeled toboggans. Some of the heaviest investments have been put in to developing what is currently the longest Slope style line in Europe with over 71 modules and a possibility of linking 46 of them in one continuous line. In addition to this, the largest Half Pipe in the country has also been developed.
When traveling by water, moose-hide boats were used. In the wintertime, snowshoes and load-bearing toboggans were used. When traveling by foot and carrying goods, people, usually women, would use a tumpline. The tumpline was made of animal skin or cloth and was slung across the forehead or chest to support a heavy load on the back.
The various types of sleds came several years before the first tracks were built in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where the original bobsleds were adapted upsized luge/skeleton sleds designed by the adventurously wealthy to carry passengers. All three types were adapted from boys' delivery sleds and toboggans.
Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters is one of the oldest existing roller coaster manufacturing companies in the world. Based in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, it was established in 1904 by Henry Auchey and Chester Albright under the name Philadelphia Toboggan Company. The company manufactured carousels, wooden roller coasters, toboggans (roller coaster cars) and later, roller coaster trains.
A Sommerrodelbahn is a form of dry toboggan run. Located on the side of a steep hill, it may consist of a track or rail upon which cars or carriages run downhill at high speed or simply a concave concrete trough down which participants slide on plastic 'toboggans'.
Samuel Leeds Allen patented the Flexible Flyer in 1889. in Cinnaminson, New Jersey using local children and adults to test prototypes. Allen's company flourished by selling these speedy and yet controllable sleds at a time when others were still producing toboggans and "gooseneck" sleds.
The Petersberg is a popular tourist destination. On the hill is a wildlife park with Eurasian animals. There is also a "sommerrodelbahn" with toboggans and similar vehicles, that is open all year round. There are regular flea markets on a festival ground on the hill as well as other events.
Several factories and other industries were built in Örbyhus in the early 20th century: a steam sawmill, two bed factories, and a manufacturer of harrows and other farm equipment. Bröderna Larssons Snickeri- & Skidfabrik, a ski manufacturer which also made garden furniture, kick sleds and toboggans, was built in 1905, and Örbyhus also had two textile factories in the first half of the 20th century.
Runaway Hills () is a cluster of hills forming the northwest extremity of Arrowhead Range in the Southern Cross Mountains, Victoria Land. So named by the southern party of New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition (NZGSAE), 1966–67, because both of their motor toboggans went out of control here, when going down hill.
Hersheypark has removed five roller coasters over its history, and cancelled two projects prior to being built. Each of the five roller coasters removed were notable as being a park first: The Wild Cat was Hersheypark's first roller coaster, Toboggan (initially called Twin Towers Toboggans because there were twin Toboggan coasters side-by-side) were Hersheypark's first steel roller coaster, Mini-Comet was Hersheypark's first kiddie coaster, and Roller Soaker was the park's only water coaster.