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vidattaltivu              peraru              murcheh              kichangani              jayanthipura              darpakhel              shabqadar              valvettiturai              alutnuwara              pabram              veeramunai              mullaitivu              khvort              kokkilai              shroma              myliddy              thunukkai              eravur              thandikulam              putumattalan              shadakh              ngoshe              saydabad              mattalan              rathedaung              navatkuly              sumberkima              illuppaikadavai              laukkai              dinnieh              mankulam              muzuri              zintan              bhalgamda              panjwai              panjwayi              marjah              kalininabad              muttur              aranthalawa              maritimepattu              olkhovatka              weliveriya              iranaipalai              paktika              baribathan              oddusuddan              kamwina              manalkadu              pokkanai             

Examples of "tokhar"
The Tokhar airstrikes, also known as the Tokhar massacre, occurred on 19 July 2016 in the village of Tokhar, during an offensive by United States backed forces near the city of Manbij in Aleppo Governorate, and carried out by the United States Air Force. The operation was carried out as part of the American-led intervention in Syria. Reports of the death toll varied, ranging from 56 to 212 civilians being killed with "entire families" pulverized.
On 7 February 2017, clashes erupted between the SDF and Euphrates Shield Forces in the town of Tokhar north of Manbij and south of Jarabulus. The former claimed to have repelled SDF's attempt to advance in the town.
On Tuesday 19 July 2016, American warplanes attacked the Syrian village of Tokhar, which was housing civilians displaced by the fighting between the Islamic State and the Syrian Democratic Forces.
On 19 July 2016 a coalition led airstrike on the ISIL controlled villages of Tokhar and Hoshariyeh reportedly killed at least 56 civilians, including 11 children. On 3 August 2016, dozens of civilians were killed after an airstrike in Qa’im, some sources claiming that 30 were killed.
He has written and adapted several plays. He adapted Eugène Ionesco's "The Lesson" in Gujarati. He also adapted Thomas Hardy's story, "Day After The Fair" as a play, "Vaishakhi Koyal" in Gujarati. He also adapted Peter Shaffer's "Equus" as "Tokhar" in Gujarati. All three adaptations were successful literary and commercially. His "Aa Manas Madrasi Lage Chhe" was directed by Satyadev Dube. "Kaho Makanji Kya Chalya?" appeared as a radio play. "Grahan" is inspired from "Oedipus". In 1999, his six plays, all performed on stage, were published which included "Chhabili Ramati Chhanumanu", ""Kem Makanji, Kya Chalya?", "Lady Lalkunwar", "Aa Manas Madrasi Lage Chhe", "Tokhar" and "Khagras". "Lady Lalkunvar" (1999) is a Gujarati adaptation of Eduardo De Filippo's play, "Filumena Marturano". "Ashvatthama" and "Grahan" are his unpublished works. "Jagine Joyu To" is his another work. He has edited "Natya-Kesuda".
Bahram is an Iranian hero in Shahnameh, the national epic of Greater Iran. He is son of Goudarz and brother of Rohham, Giv and Hojir. In the story of Siavash, he and Zange-ye Shavaran are Siavash's counselors. They unsuccessfully try to convince Siavash not to go to Turan. When Siavash goes to Turan and abandons Iranian army, Bahram is put in command of the Iranian army until the arrival of Tous. His most important adventure is in the story of Farud, where he fights with Turanian army along with other Iranian heroes . When Iranian army is marching toward Turan, they encounter Farud, who along with Tokhar (تُخوار) are standing on a mountain. Tous, the spahbed of Iranian army does not know Farud and think that he is a Turanian foe. He sends Bahram to go there and kill both of them. When Bahram arrives at Farud, Farud introduces himself and says that he is son of Siavash and want to avenge Afriasiab. Bahram comes back to Tous and tells him that they are not enemy and instead they want to join Iranian army to fight against Afrasiab. Tous, however, does not believe this and orders to kill Farud. Bahram unsuccessfully tries to restrain Tous and Iranians from killing Farud and his companion. However, Farud was eventually slain by Rohham and Bizhan.